Nervous yet I shouldn't be

I’m getting ready to enter my last year of university. I should be happy but truthfully I feel scared and nervous. I am concerned with how I am going to pay off the term, how I am going to do in my classes, trying to enjoy myself while still being at the top of my game, and getting ready for the next phase. Not only am I worried about that but also outside factors affecting me with the biggest being is that I have a sibling that is BP 2. My end goal is to be a P.A. and work in both emergency medicine and military medicine. I just want the year to go well without any incidents and want to get into a good P.A. program. I haven’t even started the term and I am already stressing over my courses and being able to pay it off. What bothers me the most is that majority of my friends have already graduated and are on to bigger and better things and yet it is taking me longer to get there. I get it that it’s the journey not the time but I hope to be at my goals sooner than later. I think overall I don’t want to be held back academically or financially from my goals and try to enjoy myself because I know next year I may not know where I will be but hopefully I can say I am a step closer towards getting to my goals.

Thanks for posting @mufcninja.

I know that this is a stressful time for you and I don’t blame you for feeling nervous about it all. You’re in a position where there’s a lot of changes going on. However, you’re not going to add any extra time to your life by worrying. You’re not going to make the situation better by worrying. I know it’s easier said than done but worrying just makes matters worse. Find ways to unwind and calm down that you enjoy. Some people listen to music, others meditate, some do yoga. Find what works for you. Life has it’s way of working things out without you realizing it. Everything’s going to be alright regardless of what happens this year.

Much love.

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@mufcninja ,

The fear of the unknown can be a strong thing. The constant worrying, nervousness, and anxiety of what comes next despite a defined end state should never be taken lightly. Speaking from experience, life can change in an instant. It’s a complex freeway with interchanges, exits, and detours. But the most important thing is that you have a plan, a purpose, a goal. Never lose sight of your goals and you will be able to do incredible things. Just also understand that life has its own plan and things may happen that obscure that goal or make it seem further away. Just keep it at the forefront and continue to build branches from where life throws you a curve ball. Keep working hard, and remain focused and when stressed, as @jmatt0659 said, find a positive outlet. Best of luck.

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Thank you @jmatt0659 That is one thing that I have to remind myself that despite everything, everything will be okay. @AquaVitae Good advice thank you and I wish you and @jmatt0659 the best of luck on your journey.


Hey @mufcninja,

You have all the right in the world to feel nervous and anxious. You’re going through a huge transition period. During my last semester of college, I needed to check myself back into counseling because of my anxiety spinning out-of-control regarding college ending and the “real world” beginning. You’re not alone. Try to decipher the difference between “productive worry” and “unproductive worry” - in other words, productive worry is healthy because it encourages you to do something (i.e. you’re worried about an exam tomorrow, so as a result, you study for the test). Unproductive worry is unhealthy because it’s something you can’t control (i.e. worrying if it’ll rain on your birthday). Focus on the now - try not to worry too much about the future.


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Thanks @Eric. Since I started university I do talk to one of the school counselors here and it has been helpful. I have to remind myself to focus on everything one day at a time and taking it for what each day is.

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