Never ending circle

I hate that my mind can’t let go of the things from the past. I’m stuck in this never ending circle of awaiting betrayal. Throughout my childhood I was toyed with, used, bullied, betrayed and left alone by a lot people. I’m so scared, things will repeat themselves and I’ll be alone again.

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Hey, I’m so sorry you’ve been through things like that, I’ve been through similar and feel the same. Do you have good supportive people around you now, and do they know what you’ve been through? Good people won’t use or hurt you purposely :heart:

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I do have a few people around me, that are very supportive and I really want to trust them a 100%, but it’s really heard for me, because every single friend i had back then, turned out to be fake or left me out of nowhere.

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Hey my friend. Thank you so much for sharing. I want to tell you that I hear you and recognize your words. You are so loved.

I’m so sorry you’ve been through those things in the past. That kind of stuff can stick with us for a long time.

It’s incredibly difficult to put your trust in people again after that’s happened and it’s perfectly ok to be hesitant about letting new people in to your life fully. Learning to develop 100% trusting relationships again is potentially something that a professional can work through with you. I encourage you to do so if you haven’t already. At any cost, I’m glad that you do have some people around you that are very supportive of you even if your trust in them isn’t where you’d like it to be. Keep building relationships even if it’s difficult for you to get close to them.

You can do this my friend. I am proud of you for how far you’ve come and know that this is only the beginning for you. Much love.

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Hey friend,

Knowing to which extent we can trust others is so difficult. Especially when we were deeply hurt or felt betrayed before. It takes a lot of practice, just because every relationship is different. Know that how you feel makes sense and is really understandable. It’s okay to feel how you feel. It’s okay to be afraid that the past would be repeated again and again. But you are not stuck. And what you’re experiencing now is not the same as what happened in the past. <3

There’s something positive in that fear: you are aware that how you were treated before was wrong. You’re aware that you didn’t deserve it. It’s a huge strength that you have here. It means that you’re in a position to set healthy boundaries for yourself. But as trust is a matter of balance, it’s also challenging not to isolate yourself and over-protect yourself.

I’m glad you have supportive people by your side. Because the people who hurt you were individuals before anything else - meaning that not everyone is like them, and not everyone would hurt you. There are people in this world who have at heart to understand and respect others.

Take your time, friend. Be gentle with yourself. Step by step. Don’t hesitate to share about this with your friends so they could also have a better understanding of how they could support you through this, and how they could respect your own pace. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your fears are valid, and sharing about it could help you and your loved ones to have a better understanding of each other. Communication is so important when it’s about trusting others, and trusting ourselves with others.

Rooting for you. :hrtlegolove: