Never ending pain 2.0

I had a relationship with a narcissistic abusive male about 6 years ago and I didn’t really know how to get out of it because I was so scared for myself and my family. He tried to kill me twice he beat numerous times especially if he didn’t like what I said or found out who I was talking to he isolated me. I wasn’t allowed to see my family I almost lost my job because of him. The first time he tried to kill me he beat me in the face then kicked me in the ribs and stomach because I found out I was pregnant and he didn’t think it was his, he continued until I wasn’t moving or crying out in pain and that’s when his crappy roommates called the police and I was rushed to the hospital. He was arrested and was in for a couple months (not long enough) the when he got out he Manipulatied me to drop the no contact charge. Then the second time he tried to kill me he took to strangling me and he almost succeeded but his roommate called the police as soon as They couldn’t hear me struggle anymore. I was taken to the hospital called my dad they just gave me pain relievers. I lost my job because I couldn’t bare the pain. I got a pfa and it didn’t do shit he still tried to call and see me. My PFA ended in May of 2019. He knows it and he is now trying to get in contact with me on Facebook. I just want my pain and suffering to end with that chapter of my life. I was happy, I got married and had a baby but know that’s on the line because someone called children and youth services on me saying I’m over medicating my child and don’t dress him right for the weather. I live in a bipolar State of PA so it’s hard to tell what it’s gonna be like, and for the over medicating whoever reported it obviously has never seen a drugged child. My son is full of life and energy. I haven’t given him benadryl since mid spring only once a day for allergies like his pediatrician told us too. I just wish people would learn to mind their own business and if it’s not hurting them then stay out of it.


What a terrible thing to put up with! I think you can get another no contact injunction, based on his history, and stalking you on Facebook. I doubt that you have anything to worry about from children and youth services. If they do a decent job of investigating, they will have validation from several sources that you are not over medicating him. However, they may be instrumental in helping you obtain protection from that horrible guy. By the way, when he manipulated you to drop the no contact charge, he was violating the no contact rule.

Block him on Facebook. If he is harassing you, report it to the police.


hi @DinoMomma ,

wow… my friend, this post almost brought me to tears thinking that someone has to live their life in this amount of fear and pain. i’m so sorry that this horrible man harmed you both mentally and physically and is still in your life against your wishes. i appreciate your vulnerability in this post and hope this forum provides the outlet you need to work through these turbulent times while also getting the support you need.

the wonderful @Wings provides solid advice to how these legal matters will shape out and hope it gave you peace-of-mind in regards to how the CPS can support you and your child. you’re an amazing parent who even manages his allergies like a pro. don’t worry much about those people that are concerned, you know the truth and that’s what you need to hang on to.

i am wishing you, your son, new partner, and rest of the family a safe week ahead. please keep us all updated if you want, you’ll be in my thoughts as you rise above this vile abuser/stalker situation. you got this, and if there’s anything i can do to help, let me know.



Hiya, Thank you so much for posting and firstly can I say how dreadfully sorry I am that you have had to go through such a dreadful time.
You truly are a survivor and I am so proud of you and you should be of yourself, you have come through a situation that would break the strongest of people and you are sharing with us. If you need to be on facebook and you haven’t already maybe you could change your privacy settings so that you cant be contacted by anyone who knows him.
You have moved on with your life, you married and had a precious child please do not let that man spoil that, he has done enough to you already. You deserve nothing but a joyful life.
Stay in touch with us, we are all here to support you too and I truly hope you find the peace and happiness that you want and deserve.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


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