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Never going to be good enough

I keep thinking of how much better off my family would be without me. If I were to just get in an accident and pass away that it would be the best thing for my family. Right now we are struggling financially and I’m struggling mentally. I can’t take much more bad news. I wish I could just fall asleep and never wake up. My family would be so much better off without me. My husband could find a much better person to be his wife and a mother to our son. Our son could have a mother who could pay better attention to him and take better care of him than I can. I just can’t get this out of my head when I can’t seem to pull my own weight with chores or helping care for our son. I’m constantly feeling like I’m drowning and exhausted. I just want to feel okay or be able to sleep until I feel okay


Its hard to be mother and trying to raise a son, escially in modern time where hard to have job that pays well and everyone constantly working and there no time for family. However, if you were leave them, they would be more in worst shape. Losing a parent can be very devasting to a child and a husband. You are important them even if you not thinks so.

It aswesome you are talking about here, but there also alot youtubes videos on mental health and video on coping skills and lessons. I personally like listen to the Alan Watts lectures, becuase his words alone help.

You are loving mother and your familys need you!

Thanks for sharing, I know how financial stress can make every other stress magnified. I’m glad your here and I hope you remain part of this community and with your family. I know with my depression there are times I feel guilty because I feel like I’ve checked out but when I put my son to bed and he gives me a hug it sometimes feels like the only thing I did right that day. So I try to remember the small victories of a day vs getting overwhelmed by what I perceive as a lot of screw ups on my end.