Never have support

The worst feeling is when you’re there for everyone but when you need someone nobody is there.


We are here for you. I am proud of you for reaching out & I hope you feel the love as well as the support. It might take some time, but I believe that we eventually find the people that we need at just the right time. Keep fighting! You got this!

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hi Monkey,
thank you for sharing you worries and i am sorry to hear.
We are here for you, every time you need someone. We care about you.
Give it time and take little steps forward, it will come to places.
Have a nice day my friend, feel hugged and


Hey monkee, it’s great to hear from you. Did you want to share what’s been happening at all? I’m so sorry you’ve been draining yourself and haven’t been getting the same support back. We have to be careful to make sure that we set those boundaries and prioritise our own health and well being. It’s always hard when people know that you’ll help them or say yes, so from time to time it’s okay to say no.
I hope that you feel safe to find the support you need.
We care about you


Hi there Monkey,
Thank you for sharing! It can be overwhelming when you give all of yourselves to others and don’t get anything back. That’s why I believe it is important to practise self-care and setting boundaries. Don’t wait until you’ve burned out and don’t have any energy left over. I also often struggle with saying “No” to people and taking care of myself first. I hope you can find a proper balance for your well-being. I wish you all the best!


Hey @Monkey,

It’s so hard when you are used to be the listener, the healer, and find some joy and purpose in this role. Yet when life gets difficult, realizing that some deep relationships that you have may not be as mutual as you expected. I’ve felt that way many times and questioned quite some friendships because of it. When we’re in the dark, we sometimes want to be so heard and seen that we expect others to be there without questioning anything. We expect others to be present the same way we would be for them. It hurts when reality and expectations don’t align together.

As our dear friends said, we are here for you. It may just sound like words as long as there isn’t any real proof of it, but this space right here is and will always be a safe refuge to seek, with only friend who genuinely care about your well-being. I would love to hear about what is affecting you these days, how is life going for you. We may not interact directly but you are seen, right here, and certainly not forgotten in any way.

You are genuinely loved and cared for. Let’s make sure to not let this hurt become a reason to isolate. You deserve good and healing connections. :hrtlegolove:

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There’s been a lot of problems at work. And employees are lying about me trying to get me in trouble and fired. And today it finally worked.

But it was bullshit and all lies. I can’t handle it anymore.

But I can’t afford to quit.

But I have nobody I can talk to about it. Because people have their own shit going on. Which I get. But it sucks cause I’m here for everyone else but then nobody is here for me.

Never felt so alone


People often search for things or problems by others, to distract from theirs. Very often at work.
I have my experience with it, getting assumed by things that i did not do, things that went out
of context and stuff like that.
From my perspective, everyone should first try to “sweep in front of your own door” before looking
for something by others. I do. Try not to keep these thoughs in your mind and focus on your work.
You do good.
You can talk about it here, we are here for you and we care for you.
Thank you for posting and sharing, have a nice day and feel hugged

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Thank you so much for sharing, @Monkey. It’s so frustrating to see how workplaces and coworkers can be so toxic at times. The implications of this situation are huge and I completely understand the stress that it must put on your shoulders. Is there a higher up you could reach out to, safely, in order to clarify the situation? Any manager that could mediate the situation?

Please know you are not alone and you are in my thoughts right now. I hope you manage to find some moments to keep your mind away from all of what these people say and the pressure they are creating. You are clearly facing something unfair. My heart goes out to you. Here if you’d like to talk or share some updates too.

You are loved and cared for. :hrtlegolove:

Totally understand your feelings.

It’s been awhile since hearing from you. I want to know how you’re doing and what kind of support you might want. Hoping you’re doing ok

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