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Never seems to end


For 17 yrs my family has struggled. We’ve been taken advantage of and used constantly. We’ve been homeless repeatedly from bosses that embezelled, didn’t pay my husbands wages, make false promises, and get shut down for tax evasion. Its been horrible! My husband couldn’t find work for 7 mnths and I struggled to do what I could with my minimum wage job but now we’re homess again. We seem to have good jobs with trusting bosses now but we can’t find a home! I feel so heartbroken that we can’t provide for our kids the way they deserve. It seems like we’re forever doomed with bad luck and now it’s taking a toll on my relationship with my husband. I feel angry at him for getting us into this situation all the time. I feel so lost with how to get past this that I’ve become depressed and just want to give up on everything. I cry whenever I’m alone but put on a happy face for him and my kids so they don’t feel stressed and sad too. But my facade is crumbling. I don’t know what support I need to get through this but I needed to talk to someone. I don’t have family or friend support, they would just try to get me to leave my husband and I so very much want all this to work out with my family intact


I’m sorry to hear that this happened, let alone multiple times. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed and stressed you must feel. I am very glad though that you reached out here to talk about how you’ve been feeling. You don’t have to carry the weight of this alone.


@MamaLlama I am so sorry you and your family are going through these very challenging struggles. It breaks my heart to hear this. It sounds like you are doing everything in your power to make things better. I am sure it’s not easy to try and stay positive in a time like this. Have you and your family tried turning to prayer and openly speaking about your frustrations and fears with God? I know it doesn’t mean everything will just magically get better but doing that as a family might help during those times of extreme stress.

You did the right thing to post here. We are all here for you and we truly care. You are not alone in this, even if it might feel like that right now. I’m sure it’s more than frustrating when family and friends around you don’t understand the gravity of the situation. It sounds like your kids are incredibly lucky to have such strong parents that keep working to find solutions. I really hope and pray things turn around for you.

Stay strong!