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Never thought I would see myself on here

My whole life is literally a story of me feeling envious over other people. I wish I had the time to explain in the detail the amount of shit I have sacrificed for my friends just so they could be happy. I will buy presents, coach and listen them through tough times, meet up with people at 4am in the morning even though it doesnt benefit me, I have even forgiven some of them for snakey ass shit like stealing or all getting it on with the girl I have been in love with for nearly 8 years. I dont fucking understand it, all I want in return is for them to do the same but even to get them to do the bare minimum for me seems to be a struggle. I know this bit is a small matter but it makes me so upset because I have been dealing with it for years, most of them seem to be embarassed they wont take photos with me, won’t allow me to post photos of them and never mention me publicy on a post, comment or anything related to me they wont publicy post. Its even fucking difficult just to get them to respond to something I tagged them in. Like today someone bought my girl mate an advent calender and she was thanking them on her story, when I have bought her unbelievable shit I can barely get a thank you. Another example is another one of my close girl mates (the one i been in love with) posting photos of one of her mates with its their birthday but when its mine I cant even get a happy birthday dm and we been close for EIGHT fucking years. I have literally bought her years of presents treated her like a queen and cant even get the bare minimum in return. Its not just her either its literally all my mates. I dont know whats so bad about me :frowning: I have been down the dark path of suicide before and i dont want to go there again but its so hard and it makes me so upset. Idk what to do please help me out guys I have been dealing with this shit for years and cant take no more :frowning: Thanks for taking the time to read it. I appreciate it. Its not as simple as comfronting them either as they will be ignorant and refuse to acknowledge any responsibility.



Hi. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the community. I hope you feel loved. I’m sorry you are going a rough time with your friends. Have you talked to them of how you feel?

im sorry that your going through this these people dont sound like freinds why are you sticking around even though they are being realy bitchy about everything i know you have known them for years but its still important to think of yourslef sometimes so be selfish for once cut them out of your life they are just leaches looking for attention and someone to blow of there steam on there not your freinds.

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Hey Sims! I’m so glad you decided to post about this. It sounds like you would give anything for your friends, but you feel like they don’t even care about you in return. That is the absolute worst. We all need love and acceptance, and it sounds like these friends aren’t showing you either, and in fact are acting like they are embarassed of you.

This doesn’t seem like a small matter to me! I know that it’s important to me to feel seen and appreciated! Your feelings are valid and important.

Truthfully, Sims, I don’t know what I would do if I were in your shoes. I am also the kind of person who gives way too much. It’s gotten me into trouble and has left me feeling like a doormat. So, I’m definitely no expert, but I know what I would say if one of my students came to me with this situation: You need new friends. I’m not saying dump everyone in your life. I’m saying find someone who sees you for who you are. You are a kind-hearted, loving friend. You are loyal and generous. You are the kind of friend that anyone would be lucky to have!

Take some time to look in the mirror and appreciate yourself for who you are. As you learn to see the amazing qualities that you obviously posess, (seriously, a stranger on the internet can see them!) hopefully you will decide that other people don’t get to treat you as anything less than awesome.

There are people out there who do know the value of a friend like you.

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They probably don’t realise that they are making you feel like this.

You seem like a good friend, sticking up for these people even though they’ve practically abandoned you. You also seem polite in the sense that you don’t actually ask them for a thank you to their faces. I know what it’s like to have a friend go to the dark side and abandon me, but every person has different feelings about it when it happens, and I know I didn’t feel exactly how you do, but I’ll still try to help. You can talk to me when you’re having problems. I don’t actually know their personalities, so this might not help, but you might should try telling them your point of view in the situation without directly. stating ‘I’m angry’ ‘I’m sad’ ‘I’m frustrated’ or any of that. Please reply to me if it doesn’t help so that I might could think of something else.

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