Nevermind things suck

I thought things were better but obviously not.

I guess what I’m doing just isn’t enough and I need to figure it out.

I’m honestly so lost right now and I am so frustrated.

I’m tired and for certain people I’m just never good enough.

I feel like I’m annoying and I reach out too much which I get it that sounds stupid of me to say but when people keep reaching out it becomes apparent that some people become annoyed by the constant need for reassurance and constantly going to them when you relapse.

It may not even be truth but my brain takes it that way and I need it to just stop.

I need my brain to just stop. I’m running out of options.


@Lyss ,
Unfortunately, things do get worse before they get better. Cliche as it is, that’s the truth. And if people aren’t willing to help you when you need help, then they don’t deserve you. Everyone on HS is here for you, reach out to us. :slight_smile:

  • stay strong; everything will be alright

Honestly, if people get annoyed that’s their own problem. You can’t reach out too much. You can only reach out too little. You are not annoying and I am very glad you’re reaching out when you feel the need to. That shows strength.

Something that I think could help immensely is to put more time and effort into taking care of yourself. Lack of sleep, inconsistent meal habits, and not drinking enough water can affect your moods and the way your brain processes information very drastically. It seems silly, but honestly I think that would help you a lot. It might seem like I’m assuming you don’t take care of yourself – that’s not the case at all. I just feel like everybody from time to time has trouble being intentional about doing that, and I think this reminder would be helpful for everybody – including me, who for a long time was very consistent about all of those things (until college).

Please, please take time for physical and mental self care. Everybody should.

You are not annoying to anyone who is worth your time, including us. You are good enough. You are loved.

Hold fast. You will get through this fleeting feeling. We truly believe in you.

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