New alter

Hello! My name is Cassidy!

Im a Christian girl who wishes to connect myself further into the religion! I just appeared on a group chat for systems here but besides that I can’t wait to meet you all! :smile:

I am currently questioning my pronouns but I go by she/her right now and I’ll be signing myself on any post with a :hibiscus: to know it’s me!

I also wonder how I can connect myself to God when everyone else doesn’t believe in him, I don’t want to make everyone else uncomfortable but I also want to do my prayers and I hope someone can help me out!


Your connection to God doesn’t depend on what others around you believe. Unless you’re in a prayer meeting, or church, I think it’s best to pray in silence. By doing that, those around you who believe differently will not undermine your efforts.

A lot of people don’t believe in God, because they have been hurt by “religious” folks. Many will say they don’t believe in God, because more accurately, they don’t believe in religion.

I dreamed that I was conversing with God. I asked Him how he felt about atheists. He said that what religious people believed about Him was so far removed from the reality of His nature, that they might as well be atheists too. He said he understood why there are so many atheists, as He has been severely misrepresented by so many of His followers. He said that an atheist who rejects false teachings is closer to Him than a religious person who perpetuates those falsehoods.

Prayers upon awakening, or those just before sleep, are most effective. Affirmative prayers and prayers of gratitude can bring about remarkable positive change.

Your relationship to the Divine is as unique as you are. It’s okay to protect it by not giving others an opportunity to undermine it.

Welcome here, Cassidy! :hrtlovefist:

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