New here💜

Making my first post. Just saying hello. Recently had twins and at times their existence feels life-shattering. Not the actual beings, I love them and am happy they are here; it’s just their addition to our family (we have two other children) has really put a damper on where I thought my life was headed. God asked me to trust His timing with this pregnancy and then dropped the :bomb: of twins on me. It was my most challenging pregnancy and has been the most challenging postpartum period. Joining the community for support on my journey back to me or toward my newfound self. :blush:


Hi Friend, welcome to Heartsupport and thank you for posting.
Congratulations on the birth of your twins. I cannot imagine what a massive impact it has has on your life in every way possible. I am not a mother but I do see good parents put so much pressure on themselves to be or to seem to be perfect for fear of failure of judgement.
Its no lie that your life has certainly just changed in a massive way but I guess you could look at it as an exciting new journey and like any journey there will be bumps in the road but this is a journey that will be worth every bump because even on the worst days you have these two little miracles by your side and it also does not mean that the things you wanted to do in your life before can never be achieved, it just means depending on what they were that they may just have to be on hold for a while.
I for one look forward to getting to know this person as we support you and hope that you also have friends and family who can support you in real life too as having a support system makes life so much easier. I dont have advice as a parent but just as someone who cares I say, remember to take moments to care for yourself and make as many wonderful memories as you can with those little ones, they stay young for such a short time.
We are here any time for you.
Much Love Lisalovesfeathers. x


From: ManekiNeko

congratulations on your new little ones and welcome to the community! I hope that you’ve had lots of support around you at this time with your partner and family and friends. I don’t have children, but I can imagine that there’s a lot of activity and laughter and tears, but I hope mostly pure joy in your household. Sometimes there’s different directions in life than we originally thought, but we can still ride the journey to get to where we wanted. I hope you enjoy your time with your family and also have some time to look after yourself. Thank you for being here.


Hey @Teekake

That sounds like a lot was served up on your plate this year! I can’t imagine how stressed you are feeling as well as just trying to recover from post partum anyways and healing from it all. I hope you know you have our full support and we are glad you are here.

I can imagine you are very drained and this is a serious challenge to support your family and all the baby shenanigans. Hopefully you are able to look back on the previous babies and recall things that helped you cope with them? I know each child is different but maybe working out tactics with spouse and making sure to take shifts for rest and housekeeping etc.

Do you have the ability to tag in some relatives for childcare for the other children if needed? Just so you can really dedicate the energy needed for both the newborns. Maybe considering if you are able to afford having house cleaners help you with tidying? A deep clean by maid service can really help reset the whole space if it gets out of control and is worth every dollar spent(they will clean your bathtub yo OMG <3).

I think you have a lot ahead of you but I KNOW you have it in you to handle these challenges set in front of you and to have a wonderful time with your growing family members! Give yourself grace for those trying times for sure and make sure to use your network of support here and IRL.

Take care <3/Mish


Hello there,

Welcome to the HeartSupport community. We are glad you are here. While I don’t have children of my own, I know how it feels to have kiddos in your life & being thankful for all of the joy that they bring. One thing I hope you remember to do: don’t say no to help. Let people bring food for your little family. Let people do errands for you. Let people shine some love & kindness your way. Yes, there might be times when you feel like you can do some things for yourself…but let people help you. You have your hands full, literally, & enjoy this season of life.

You got this, momma! Love on your babies! Enjoy this season of life! You are valid. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


From: twixremix

hi teekake!

sending you a very warm welcome to the heartsupport forum, thank you for being here and sharing this update. congrats on the birth of your twins! while i don’t have experience raising or giving birth to kids, i can understand how much of an unexpected impact twins can make. with already having 2 children before, doubling the amount of lil’ humans to care for and raise on top of all the responsibilities that go along with it, i hope you’re able to find a stable balance soon. whether that be asking for extra help in hiring a nanny or dropping the kids off to a relative or a close friend’s house, having that time and peace to re-align yourself for a new week ahead will hopefully be a solid tool for your journey.

your 4 kids love and appreciate all that you do for them. you are a good parent! never forget this fact! take the time you need when you find it to care for yourself after caring for 4 souls during the daytime. you’re doing amazing things and i know this journey ahead will have obstacles you will overcome and SO many good memories. hope to hear from you soon, your HS community is always here to support you through this!



Hey Teekake, welcome to the community! Glad to have ya! :wave:

Well, congrats on the growing family! God does work in mysterious ways. Really, really mysterious, at times. But, I am glad that you trust in His plan. I am sure that, as each long day drags on, and you are running on empty… and it’s still only 9:30am. My prayers are with you, your family, your energy levels, and your mental well-being while you go through this trying-but-beautiful journey.

You have a lot of love to give to your family. Just don’t forget to love yourself, as well. You got this, friend :hrtlovefist:


From: Rohini_868

Welcome Teekake,

Congrats on the two new blessings :slight_smile: Twins are always an also magical thing, aren’t they? I’m glad you are here with us, so we can help support you on this new part of your journey.

Like Lisa mentioned, I hope that you have a support system that can assist you and be there for you, and I do hope that you find the moments to ake care of yourself as well!

I love the way you ended your post, it sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful journey with these new bundles of joy, and I wish you a speedy recovery! Welcome in again, lovely to meet you!


Congratulations! I have one daughter, and I can tell you the news of twins would definitely be earth shattering to me! Even with all the hope and excitement and love you clearly havw for them, what you thought your life was just had 2 tiny little humans come crashing in and change all of it, almost literally over night!

Thank you for posting here! There are a lot of parents at various stages all around here, and we’re so happy to have you here! That postpartum stage is a wild ride and by posting here I hope you can see how much support you have, and you don’t have to do it alone! <3 <3 <3


From: Mamadien

Teekake, welcome to the HS community. I’m so glad you’re here! It sure does sound like you have your hands full with twins and 2 older children. I suspect you are really tired at this point and trying to get your mom feet under you as you navigate twice the children to care for. I understand you wanting to trust God’s timing even if you don’t understand it and it’s not what you expected. And I’m glad you are trusting Him through this. What I do remember of motherhood myself is that while the days were very long at times, the years ended up feeling very short. Please take all the help you can through this time when they are little, be firm on your priorities and go with what is really important and stop back here any time you need support and let us know how you are doing. From one mom to another - nap every chance you get. - Mamadien


Thank you to all of you for your beautiful replies. I feel so encouraged already. You all are a blessing to me and may God bless each of you 100-fold for taking the time to share your kind, thoughtful words.


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