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New Job but I’m sad

I have been a Barber for 3 years. When I first started I loved my job. Then slowly I started to fall in a decline. I hated my job, I would always make up lies so I didn’t have to come in or leave early. It’s not that the people I worked with were the problem, all my coworkers in this career were amazing and kind. I just didn’t want to work.

The constant feeling of anxiety while shaving faces and cutting hair was draining. I was so scared all the time that a client would hate their haircut and yell at me or I would cut someone on accident. After being hospitalized in July of 2019 I decided to quit my current job but wait until the beginning of the year. I am a people pleaser. I worry about other people and how they will react more than I worry about myself.

Today I received a phone call from a job offer at a warehouse. Working 3 days a week (long hard days) I accepted the offer and start next week. I’m nervous but excited. I told my boss today that I would be giving him my two weeks, I didn’t say much but I explained I just didn’t want to be in this line of job anymore. He was actually very nice about it, and that caused some of the stress to go away, but I still feel sad, but I know it’s for the best. I also have clients I will need to message and tell them I won’t be cutting hair anymore.

I just feel like I let everyone down, my clients, my boss, my family.

Some words of encouragement?



I’m sorry you are struggling. You will figure things out. Don’t beat yourself up. Take it easy on yourself.



Hey friend, you’re doing what you need to do for your own well-being. It’s not everyone that would be able to do that. When your job makes you feel too anxious, when you don’t feel ready to get back to work again, then that’s okay. It’s hard to admit our limits, even when they’re just temporary. It takes a lot of strength, humility and courage to did what you’ve just done. And for this I’ve got to say that I respect you a lot. Seriously.

You’re not letting everyone down, but I understand what you mean when you say this. And I’ve gotta say that from my perspective right now it only shows how much you care about others. Being a “people pleaser” can be draining, and maybe you’re not used to take decisions for yourself such as this one. Maybe you feel like it’s selfish but it’s not. Not at all. In fact, everytime you decide to take care of you, it’s useful for everyone, even if it doesn’t feel like this for the moment.

Being a barber implies responsabilities towards others. It can be really stressful and what’s happening is not your fault. We’re just human beings in the end and we can’t expect to do the same job all the time. We change, circumstances change over time and that’s okay. So being away from this stress is certainly needed and the healthier thing to do for the moment. It’s still about your own life, your personal journey, and no one has to make this kind of choice but you. No one has to judge this either and I’m really glad to hear about your boss reaction.

Hang in there friend. I wish you the best in this time of transition. You’re strong. :heart:

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