New mask and journal

Hey folks,

I just wanted to say thank you for the continued support. Despite my constant support posts, I have truly been doing better than I have for a while now. My grades are high, I’m ahead in my work, and I’m getting prepped for college in the fall.

Here’s a new pumpkin face mask I made for a haunt buddy at the haunt I work at. He commissioned me to make this piece because he was looking to change his character, and desired to have a hand made piece rather than factory produced. I enjoy this line of work and it is fun to see people get excited about things when they get them. I’m waiting on some plaster right now, so the sculpture is the only thing I have to post right now before I can get a mold done. Enjoy!



Seriously, your art is just the coolest. I love seeing your work-in-progress pictures! It’s so fascinating and interesting.

And how exciting - a commission?? That is so cool!

It is also a joy to see that this community can be a safe refuge for you, a place where you feel okay and supported when you need it. Your “constant support posts” are more than welcome, and your vulnerability is truly a gift to everyone who has the chance to read your words. We get to know you better, and to be present during difficult times. That is very special. So thank you for allowing this community to share life with you. :hrtlegolove:

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