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Hi everyone This is my first post. I’m a little bit nervous.Today has been a pretty lousy day. My husband and I have a friend that borrowed our door dash card and spent 100.00 of our money. She apologized,but then turned around and spent another 100.00 of our money. This is all the money we had! She then apologized again which wasn’t acceptable. She proceeded to tell my husband she was going to pay us back on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am furious and earlier today my husband didn’t seem to be very upset and he said unkind words to me. So I cried for a couple of hours in our bedroom. When I came out we talked about it and he apologized to me. He also told told me he was also angry at our friend, which was good for me to hear cause he seem so not phased by it. So now at least I know we are on the same side.


Welcome to Heart Support. I’m glad you and your husband are in agreement regarding your friend’s misuse of your card. Hopefully you’ve taken it away from her. If she won’t give it back, cancel the card and get a new one. It might be better if she believes you simply don’t have the card anymore.

Regarding your husband’s unkind words, us guys can be pretty slow on the uptake. That’s really not an excuse, as we need to be responsible for our words anyway. Perhaps knowing it takes him more time to process such issues, can help you not feel so bad when he doesn’t get it.

That he was willing to apologize, means he’s sincerely trying.

Again, welcome to Heart Support. Let us know how it’s going. Wings


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I really appreciate your wisdom from a man’s point of view.


Welcome to Heart Support @Fairyfly :wink:

I think getting that card back is a good idea and I hope that you’re going to demand that she pay you back. I’m not sure I would call her friend anymore, that’s for sure. Friends don’t take advantage of friends, it’s just that simple. Same goes for family.

I’m sorry that your husband said unkind words to you, but glad that you both were able to come together and talk it out. I’m happy that he apologize and I hope that made you feel better. :rose:

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Hi New person, Welcome and thank you for posting here its good to meet you. What a horrible thing to happen and Im so sorry that it did. My grandmother always said to me “never a lender or a borrower be” of course I never listened to that and have been in the same position as you a couple of times so I can relate and I hope you never lend your “friend” anything you want returned again.
I completely agree with @wings with regards to your husband, he should not have said unkind things to you, that was not necessary and I am pleased he apologized but we are all different in how we handle situations and sometimes we clash in the way we do it and that is sad because not only does the person cause the initial problem, they then cause futher upset.
I am relieved that you have now discussed it and you both on the same page and can move forward. Dont let this person cause you anymore discomfort than she already has, you didnt deserve it and you still dont. Good luck and stay in touch ixf you want to, we would love to have you around.
Much Love Lisalovesfeathers. x


Hi there,

Welcome in to HS :slight_smile: That was very unkind of this person to spend $200 of your money, Wings has some great suggestions. Hope that you can get her to commit to a payment plan to return the money to you, screenshot where she agrees to pay you back.

Glad that you and your husband were able to talk it over and understand that you do have a united front. Sounds like he takes a bit more time to process his thoughts and feelings before he expresses them. This sounds like an exciting thing to learn, because it can help you in the future if such a situation occurs and you wonder why he’s not looking too perturbed!

Hope you get your money back and that this person learns to be more appreciative of people’s stuff!


Thank you for your concern and advise I really appreciate it.


Thanks for your concern and wisdom.


Hi Fairyfly . Welcome to Heartsupport. I think when it comes to money a good friend does not do something like this twice. Thats not an accident. Its good that you and your husband eventually were on the same page. I thing your frienis not very honest with you a should be held accountable. I hope things will turn out well in the end. :heart:

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