New student new School

I am new as a junior in high School and I have no friends I feel so lonely I don’t want to deal with two years of school no one talks to me in classes they’re in their own groups having fun and I’m an outsider.

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Hey @Abi,
My advice to you would be to just get involved, look at the things you enjoy doing whether that be drama, art, PE or music like me. Join clubs and find people you have things in common with.

Maybe you should look into finding friends in different classes or years (sorry if this is the wrong terminology I’m british).

Try to stay confident, don’t wait for people to come to you. Introduce yourself, don’t let it get you down! I’m sure you are an amazing person! And you will make friends in no time!!!

Hey if not I’m always here to talk!
Hold fast friend,
Luna <3


@Abi I completely understand this feeling. When I went to college instead of going to the local college I went to a college 1200 miles away from home. It was a big step for me and it took time for me make friends.

It can be as simple as ask what music they are into. Even if you do not like the music they are into keep the conversation going. Show that you are interested in what that person is saying.

God gave me this personality to just be able to talk to anyone but it also taught me I need to learn to listen. Listening to ours can be such a power thing.

Keep your head up and know its just the beginning of the semester and I know you will make a friend soon. IF NOT YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME!!!

-Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
Team Leader of the Support Wall team Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters


Hey @Abi

Man it can really suck to feel totally alone and rejected. To feel like that’s just going to be your reality for the next two years – man, I wouldn’t want to feel that way for two HOURS, let alone two years. I totally get that you’re wanting things to not be the way they are.

Good news is they don’t have to be – and they WON’T be.

At some point, you are going to find someone that cares, you are going to find friends. Guarantee it.

But more importantly – what type of person do YOU want to become? Do you want to become the type of person that hides when things aren’t going your way, or do you want to become the type of person that is capable of weathering rejection to find friends that you like? Do you want to become self-confident, become socially competent, become more proactive? It takes effort to hide and it takes effort to reach out. The only difference is that when you hide you are rejecting yourself and when you reach out you are giving others the opportunity to accept you. When you hide, you’re telling yourself, “No one likes me,” but when you reach out, you’re giving them the opportunity to like you. Maybe some people don’t and reject you, but that just means they’re not the right people, and it just means that THOSE people don’t like you. If you keep reaching out, you’ll discover: it’s not true that EVERYONE doesn’t like me, there are a few that do! And that’s much better than swallowing the lie that you are truly alone and that no one will ever like you.

I know this is a super scary proposal…but a scarier proposal, I think, is spending the next however long feeling totally alone and unloved. (It’s totally not true!)

I hope this helps, and I hope you reach out, because I know people would be lucky to be your friend.



I know it sucks being a new kid to the school . Back in 2008 I moved from Michigan to the “sunshine state” , I knew no one . But I was able to make friends (if I remember). I’m sorry your feeling like an outsider , but, have you tried to make friends , have you tried asking if you could work with them ? I know some people like to work alone like I do but it’s always good to work in groups even tho it’s hard for people to ask “can I join you” . Just know we are your friends no matter what happens. Remember to hold fast and you’re worth it .

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This really helped, I am still alone but I feel less lonely with your words


I’m happy to hear that Abi, thanks for your bravery continuing to press forward. Keep us updated because whatever you face – we’re here to support you <3

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