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My name is Rene and I’m new to this forum. Is there anyone who can tell me what is the best way to get the most out this forum? So far I’ve been reading posts from other members and I can strongly relate to so many of these experiences but…I feel like there isn’t enough “connecting” happening? By that I mean ways to hold each other accountable, form groups, check up on one another, video chat, etc? I think this is really great that something like this exists but I can’t help but feel as if things are unresolved after people post to vent. Or maybe that’s the point…to just vent?

I was actually going to vent about my experiences with depression and anxiety but then I thought, what would be the point, just to have a few replies and nothing really changes? Can anyone relate to this?


Hey, Rene

Welcome to the HS support wall! Glad to have you! How did you find us?

Some of the ways that we stay connected are

1.) Through the Heart Support Related Twitch channels:

2.) Through the community discords:

All of these places are awesome ways to connect to the community. Where we can chat and hang out. Whether in a live stream chat on twitch or through just casual chatting on discord.

Dan and the community has been contributing line art for people to color. Those FREE coloring pages can be found in Dan’s discord, which is posted above. From there you can print or download the pages. Many of us have been coloring and sharing those together. You’re welcome to join us.

There are many resources that can be taken advantage of listed in the Heart Support discord. So be sure to use those if needed. :hrtlegolove:

Hope this helps!

You absolutely should share your heart! That’s what this place was built for. To serve as a safe place to talk when we have things going on. Even if just to be heard. There are many people around the community who likely can relate to the things you are going through and many of us who are passionate about reaching out and sharing encouragement. On your time and when you’re ready, know we are open to you. :hrtlegolove:

Edit: Oh, another great link that I encourage you to check out is our master list. Here you can find many situations that you may be able to relate to that are accompanied with a video and a written exercise to do. Several of us around the community have shared some of our own answers and experiences. This is a great way to connect and discuss how we similarly struggle and how we can grow and over come those struggles. You also can do those exercises more privately if you prefer. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you for your response. I’ll check out some of the links you have here. Also it looks like the discord links you shared here are expired or broken :confused:

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