News update re my chronic fatigue

I was finally diagnosed with Sleep Apn(o)ea at the end of December

Hey @Champagne, how’re you feeling about the diagnosis?

Hold Fast

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I’m glad you finally got a diagnoses! This allows for you to know the source of the issue is and have a better idea of what you can do to combat it. There are a few options, so hopefully you can find something that works and have a doctor you trust. My ex also had sleep apnea. His quality of sleep improved once they knew how to help. Took a little bit to find the best treatment but eventually they did find something.

I wish you the best of luck friend

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Hi @Champagne,

Receiving a diagnosis can be of a great help. It makes sense to have a chronic fatigue when you’re dealing with sleep apnea. I hope things will go smoothly for you and from now. Hold fast.

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Thanks gals and guys.

I’ve suffered from bad sleep an chronic fatigue since I was 17, which is now 36 years ago, so it’s taken a big toll on my life and relationships

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