Night and Morning Depression

I have been suffering with both pre-sleep and post-sleep depression for a long time now, but some weeks it is so bad I cry myself to sleep over so many regrets and missed opportunities in my life, numerous bereavements and generally quite extreme loneliness. I also often wake up virtually unable to summon myself out of bed and frequently go back to sleep and lie in way too long. The depression and sadness is so bad some days, I stay up most of the night to avoid going to bed. I would say that there are many days I wonder why I bother living. The problems, stresses and depression often far outweigh the good things in life, but once I am up doing things, I get by each day. I am just scared that when my 19 year old cat has to be put to sleep, or my Mum finally succombs to Cancer, it may push me over the edge…

  1. Set an alarm clock 2) Make an outline or schedule 3)insure to include both physical & mental stimulated activities at least half of your list. 4) When you wake up immediately hit the shower or bathe 5) Make sure you eat properly (not too much and make sure your meals have at least 3 food groups in them) 6) when you sleep don’t think. Just close your eyes and listen eventually you’ll get use to it and it be easy to fall asleep.

Hi there friend.
There is purpose for your life. Each day you have been given is a gift. there is purpose in each minute of it. Seek out the positivity in your life. Yes, we all have regrets and mistakes, and missed opportunities, but they do not define us. each moment is a chance to give our fears a good kick in the butt and go for our dreams. i know that sounds corny but it’s true! Don’t dwell on what could have happened, cause then that will make you sadder. Instead wake up and embrace the day. set a goals each day and try and reach them. If you miss some, thats okay! allow that to be wrapped in God’s grace and try again.

allow God to work in your life and let yourself and the moments in your life be wrapped in Grace. all will be okay. He’s got you fam, He won’t let you down, i promise. <3
Hold fast.

Hi Gamer, Thank you for your reply. I am not at a stage where I can do 2, 3 and 4. I do set an alarm clock , but often lie-in depressed and find it very hard to get up (my chronic fatigue is a big part of this.) Regarding closing your eyes and just listening - I have a very active mind and a great memory for events and conversations, which is often more of a curse than a blessing.

Thank you for your reply, Ness. I do accept that there is purpose in most lives or, at least, we can make our lives purposeful. However, I have never been at a stage when I consider every minute to have purpose, as I have suffered very badly from bereavement and loneliness in my life, amongst other PTSD events. I did start voluntary work at a Wildlife Centre last month, but the Winter weather is hindering this many weeks at the moment…