No desire to do anything

I’m losing the desire to do things I no longer want to find a job even though though I need to get one, I just want to sleep all the time.


Have you thought about what type of job you would find satisfaction in doing?

Obviously a desire to do everything vanishing is more serious then just a job. So I don’t want to take away from that at all, but in regards to the job search specifically: Maybe you aren’t losing desire, but the options in front of you are just, rightfully not desirable? So maybe if the search was turned from looking for any old job, to looking to what steps you can take to get to the job doing the things you want. Maybe that might be a little more desirable?

Just an idea. Hope you feel better. <3

That’s the problem I have no idea what I want to do I only have a highschool education so my options are limited I just don’t know what to do, I wish that I was actually talented at something that I had anything going for me.

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A lot of people’s talent often comes from repetition. Don’t put yourself down too hard. If you don’t think you are talented at anything. Add a “yet” to the end of it. Then once you do identify something you’d like to do. You can refine it into a talent.

I’m already in my thirties if I was going to find a talent that would actually help me I think I would have found it by now, I wasted my late teens and twenties chasing after a dream that never could have happened instead of focusing on something realistic, and now I just feel so lost.

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Well I think I’m losing my mind or something I feel so weird and have come so close to just start wildly swinging my fists.

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