No family, No friends, No love

I was abused by biological family, never adopted in foster care, and I have no friends. I have literally never been loved by anyone in the whole world. I don’t know what it feels like. People generically say “You are loved” on the internet, but I’m actually not. They will forget about me by the end of the day. Nobody thinks of me. There’s no one to care if I’m sick or injured. If I’m in the hospital, there’s no one to visit me. I spend holidays alone. Nobody knows my birthday and if I died there would be no funeral. I wander through this life invisible, alone, and unloved. I don’t know how to live a happy life in this state.

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Maybe I’m not in a position that is allowing me to give advices, but believe me you are living the dream, family is an endless burden, you only get the pain, friends,… there is no friends in the internet age, you will only hear from them when they need something, and finally love, if you calculate the price you are going to pay for love, it’s not worth it, love will break your heart,and you will never be the same, and with broken heart you cannot give or receive love again, so if you are healthy and able to work and travel , just be happy and enjoy your body and enjoy your loneliness, i pay my life to be in your position. And not to face what happened and unsaw what i had seen.

I cannot relate to all of your pain…but I have felt alone a lot…I felt like my parents really didn’t care about me, I felt like I was never any bodies first choice for anything…it really sucks…

You need to know it’s ok to be alone. It’s definitely not easy in the 21 century, especially with all the covid going on, but you’re not going to find friends if you don’t do anything…maybe try and find a hobby to do whenever you are feeling down. Maybe take up photography and share your photos on social media or a form. Go learn to play golf and just chat with people in the golf club…Go to the gym and work on yourself and maybe you’ll find someone to connect with and talk too…or just go online and find someone to talk to about something you enjoy…

We are naturally lonely people and we are constantly seeking to find someone or something…maybe you’re not a people person (I’m definitely not) but just enough small attempts at trying to meet people will help and go along way!

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