No freedom

I feel like I have no freedom and I have no one to count on.

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Man it’s such a tough place to be when you feel stuck in your life…to feel like you’re trapped where you are, w ho you’re with, who you are, feeling like you wish that you could change everything – something…anything…and like it’s all just this constant whimsy at someone else’s beck and call. Feeling like you’ve got nothing to hold on to, no power, no ability, no control, and so your emotions and life feel like they’re totally unpredictable. Like there’s nothing you can count on…and it feels like the people in your life aren’t reliable enough to support you or like their care for you comes and goes, and it makes you feel totally and completely alone…and that’s a brutal spot to be in…I’m sorry you’re in that place friend. I’ve felt similar at times myself, and it is such a dark hole. I’m glad you posted here so I could tell you you’re not the only one. -Nate


Thank you for your comment @NateTriesAgain It means a lot and I suddenly not feel alone anymore.