No longer addicted

I was addicted to porn for 12 years now that I’m 26 I am so grateful to say that early this month I hit a milestone of two years being porn free. I thank God for the strength He gave me to get through this time.

I can not describe the pain and depression , anxiety and anger, hatred and humiliation, joy and freedom, hope and happiness I have felt over these past two years for every time I came closer to going back to porn.

I hated who I was and now I can’t shake the disgust I feel towards my younger self for choosing to watch porn in the first place. It’s days like today, when I am so lonely and I feel as though I may never have someone to call my own, that make me want to go back to where I was.

This fight is a hard fight and it feels impossible and useless and ineffective at times but stay the course, keep fightingo, there is a way out.

I remember reading someone else else’s story just as I started my journey and I thought to myself that I couldn’t make it to a year and yet by God’s grace here I am, He has given me strength and patience to push through and keep pushing through. I pray and hope my story can encourages someone to keep going and to keep your eyes on Jesus the Author and Perfecter of your faith. If you don’t believe in God, I strongly urge you to ask for His strength to get you through this and know that this too shall pass and you will be free.

Thank you

Josh B.


Hey @BlackSheep3

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your progress here! That’s awesome. And it’s indeed truly inspiring to see you reflecting on yourself and the progress you made.

Wishing you the best on this journey. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you continue to stay on a good track! I feel your story on a personal level since I am also struggling with this same fight. I hate that I even think about it. But your inspiring me to do better and be where you are. Thanks again.



Amazing! Your story gives me hope in Christ. I relapsed on watching porn last week, and it was horrible. I am 7 days clean. God is good. Keep fighting, brother!


Good for you man!
It’s sure encouraging to hear people can make it trough, I constantly try to do it but the further i’ve made it was two months… It’s hard specially when you are trying to improve some other aspects of your life at the same time because I think “well, I am doing a hell of an effort in all this areas of my life I think I can let myself slip in this one…” totally bullshit ik… I hope I can follow your example one day. Seriously broh… two freaking years… that’s some serious self respect and love, I am happy for you.


The thing that was hardest for me was to remember that for those in Christ there is no condemnation. God knows you will fail and fall, He knows we are human, but He is so gracious and loving and forgiving.

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I can’t explain how much it means to me that God uses my story to bring hope and life to other people :grin: makes me tear up!


It took me two years to get to the point that I could make it these last two years! I honestly thought I’d never make it.
The word that comes to mind is Imitate me as I imitate Christ. Just remember to keep pushing and you will make it through :slight_smile: Have an awesome day!!!


Awesome to hear that bro. I’m still struggling with that addiction myself. Had ups and downs but still ending up going back to it. :confused:

That was me for the first two years before I was in a position where I could say no more and follow through with it.
It’s going take time so don’t be in a rush, that’s unhealthy, be patient and keep quitting, but don’t look back and don’t let yourself think that you want it cause then you’ll make it even harder on yourself to get free.
You can make it you just got to believe!!! For me I had to lose a relationship and then a friendship to finally get why I had to quit, it’s horrible and I pray you don’t have the same happen to you, you really really have to know that you want to be free.

Thanks man. Appreciate it :+1:t4:

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