No motivation leading to chronic avoidance

Hi everyone.

I’ve been having a problem for quite a few years now where I have very little motivation and a lot of anxiety so I end up avoiding quite a few things, but most damaging is the fact that I avoid my school work pretty heavily.

Every year for a few years now I’ve been behind quite a lot in school due to avoiding homework because I have no motivation or a terrible fear of failure or both.

Has anyone been like this, how did you get past it? Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you and stay positive,

I went through this exact thing in my first job. Sitting in my cubicle, frozen with lack of motivation and fear. All of my coworkers and especially my boss felt like foes waiting to take apart anything I did. I discovered that the root for me was a fear of failure. If you sabotage yourself you have no chance to fail legitimately.

Now this realization isn’t a magic bullet by any means, but I was able to get on meds and start building a bit of momentum, mostly by doing simple things and enjoying the success. Small tasks at work, small personal projects at home. I became more involved in my own confidence and success. It’s still hard, but sometimes you have to just push a little further each time you hit the wall of anxiety.

You are already doing well to realize this! Sometimes just realizing what you’re doing to self sabotage is enough to begin helping yourself. If you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer if you think it’d be of help. You can do this.


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Yo, I have been right where you are, and I’m not even sure if I’m past it or not. But I know you can get through it. Setting priorities straight is hard without the motivation but we believe in you.

Fear of failure can not outweigh the fear of never having done something or taking responsibility for the things you are accountable for. I know it’s hard. I struggle with it too. But it feels so good when you try, and succeed.

Keep your chin up friend.

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Hi friend. Thank you for posting. I’ve been struggling with motivation and do everything I can to avoid work wherever I can. It’s starting to affect it badly - failure is one of my biggest fears beside rejection. You need to just start taking things 1 step at a time. Try and just take it one minute at a time. I have to remember what I’m trying to get from doing that one task… For example my driving lessons. I struggle to get the motivation to do those but I have to remember I’m doing it to get away from an abusive house… Do you have someone around you that you can reach out too? A teacher? A friend? Family? if you do I suggest reaching out for help there… This community is always there for you and we’ll help you stay on track if you let us! Come and join our discord - keep posting on the wall. Keep going, even tho its hard!

Hold Fast

Hey @GuitarSeal,

Thanks for reaching out!

Man, I totally feel ya with the struggle of apathy. Although the cause of apathy varies from person to person, for me, my root of apathy was caused by the lack of passion within a specific area in my life (in this case, school). For example, I was pretty apathetic up until college because I didn’t have a passion for core subjects. Once I started college, I (eventually) found my passion for the music business industry, which started a fire inside of me to read as many books as possible regarding the industry, and I enjoyed doing it! My boss at my current job has a saying of, “Find what makes you come alive, and do that.” So, tying back into your post, I would suggest to dig around to find what you’re passionate about, and chase that. There are some programs out there that can help you with that too, such as StrengthsFinder. I hope some of this helps!!


I did. What might help especially with school is to form a group with your friends or somebody you like. My frame of logic is to rationalize through the phase. “The hardest part is to begin it” then while you’re doing the errand or task (i.e. Homework) “I already started it might as well finish it.”
Another thing that could help is to take small breaks inbetween (which is awesome when done in a group with friends you like.)
Hope things turn out good for you.

I struggle from the same thing, the way I overcame it for the most part was knowing that nothing is permanent and fear is temporary and can be overcomed. Love you wish the best for you peace

Thank you everyone, your words helped me a lot. <3

Hey @GuitarSeal here is our video response from our live stream with @HS_John I hope it’s an encouragement to you! Hold Fast!