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No motivation

My life is like a broken record. I have 2 children and a girlfriend but every day is the same thing. Work clean the house and spend time with them. I already have depression so this is getting to me. Don’t get me wrong I love being with my kids but I need some advice how to break this cycle and possibly do
Things for myself that will make me happy and not be so depressed doing the same stuff every day. Any advice to change things up?


Hi Mooseman, Thanks for sharing. This sounds very much like me, and what I ended up with, is if I wanted things to be different, then I had to do things differently. Maybe that could be a place for you to start too. Think of what you do, and see if you can think of some way to do the same thing differently. Involve your girlfriend and kids to help come up with ways to ‘be different’ make it a game.
Not everything will work out, but if you allow for that, and can be at peace with changes then it may help take away what seems like an endless routine. We all get into them. Peace.

From: starkirb7

start exploring to see what you like. I for the longest time didn’t make time for myself to enjoy things just for ME. I’m cross stitching right now that I chose as something I can do for myself that is also relaxing. Let your partner know when you find something that you just want to do alone. Even if it’s just an hour a day :slight_smile:

From: elby_creative

Try to pursue some of your childhood hobbies and interests. You might be surprised to remember that feeling of having a child-like excitement about something. It could be building lego sets, or collecting insects

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From: tellatap

I’ve felt something relatively similar to that. I’ve found that having specific projects to work on can help. Also, finding a particular hobby you can do in your free time can help. That would depend on how much free time you have, though.

Exploring new hobbies can bring variety and enjoyment to your life. I’d normally suggest learn to dance (my favorite is Lindyhop), but it is a difficult time to find a way to do that safely. There are a few online resources that have beginner lessons.


From: zysenson

I know that days that seem to repeat can seen dragging. He is right, getting excited about small things can actually really help. What I do is that I try to set small realistic goals for myself. Like “Hey… I’ve never made homemade chilli wanna give that a try?”

From: beth_the_fake_ginger

That definitely sounds hard. I wonder if maybe planning a night for yourself and a special family activity night would help break the monotony a little. That way you have two nights that feel different from the rest of the week and maybe be recharging for you and your family. The night for you can be something you enjoy, and the family night could be like trying something new as a family.

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From: j71s8

As a house husband I find the daily ritual seems like a rut. I feel sometimes like it doesn’t always matter because it’s always the same. I feel like my response is a lack of one, but i began to connect with old hobbies i haven’t touched in years and i have begun to enjoy the few moments I’ve had in my spare time and haven’t had to spend money because I’ve previously invested in them and still have the stuff.

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Hey friend. Casey spoke about your topic on stream today! Here’s the live video response:

Hold Fast


Listening to music you’ve never heard before might help. It might even hold an odd familiarity that makes you feel alive.