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No other options

I guess cutting is the only thing I have the discord sever did nothing for me nothing is working


Syra & Kio:
Hi, it’s not the only option, I know it feels that way but you can always draw on yourself with markers, or imagine targeting pulling out all the negative thoughts and feelings from you, scraping off the tar and then covering it in light. Kind of like a cleansing. It’s difficult but it can be done. We don’t use their discord server because when we used it we got banned for having a mental breakdown of being afraid of our mom’s husband being near the bathroom, so we don’t really like their discord server tbh. A headmate of ours chalked it up to being annoying so we use forums instead so we don’t bother anyone.
But yea, try to get some rest bud, it’ll be okay.

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well unfortunately it’s to late Ive already cutt myself

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I understand, it can be hard and stress can succeed in affecting you, i’m sorry you’re feeling this way though, emotions really can hurt. Is it just a scratch or deep? Be sure to take care of it okay. Do you know how to?

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Hey Jax,

What are you expecting from the discord server? Nobody there is a professional, and nobody other than you can make choices in your life. I am sorry you did not feel supported there. Sometimes chatting there is slower than you’d might like due to time zones, and just people having things going in outside of discord.

I can see that you’re hurting, and I really encourage you to reach out to a professional. Things like discord servers, and even this forum, can feel like they’re supposed to fix us instantly, in the moment. I know, persoanlly, how frustrating, it can be to feel like you really tried, and everything still failed.

Have you tried one of the crisis resources from the discord server? They can help, I’d encourage you to try them out.

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it doesn’t matter clearly I don’t matter I would better of being dead none of you would notice or care

No you wouldn’t. If you don’t feel safe I want you to please go to some of the suicide hotlines posted on the forums, talk to them. They want to help, because they care. because we all care. Talk to them and maybe they can help you, or you can try sleeping. Life has a lot of nice things to it, things do get better, I want you to know that.
It’ll be alright.

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it sure doesn’t seem like I’ve been suffering like this for so long