No purpose in living rightnow

I dont see a point of continuing living rightnow, all i do is fight and fight. Im trying so damn hard to fight and yet im righting this because im choosing to fight even though i feel like i have no purpose and semi dont want to live.
What bassically made me feel like this is because my boyfriend i had thought tagged me in a post on social media and it said “tag an idiot” and i thought i was tagged because it had showed up in my dms. . and besides flicking him off for that which was a bad idea i told him how i felt because i had thought i was tagged in this post. , and hes like “i didnt mean to call you an idiot your really smart . i sent it to someone else and thought it was funny” my response was " i’ts not funny . its offending and harsh" . with someone who’s an had extra and their significant other is to , it just hurts , it feels like im not smart when i am … it just makes my heart ache. Sometimes tagging others hurts when it can be a joke but some think it isnt. I feel like posts like the one i thought i was tagged in should have more context. NO one should call others an idiot it isnt nice at all and it can be hurtful . Everything during the time . just seemed to spiral down for me . Im going to try my best to fight but lets see where that takes me.

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i feel stupid for feeling like this

Don’t feel stupid for feeling your feelings. They are valid. While he might have intended for it to come off as a joke, it can also be hurtful, depending on how it comes across. I would have a talk with him about how you feel and if he doesn’t validate your feelings and tries to play it off, then give him the cold shoulder for a few days. In my complicated situation, I only tag the girl, if it’s uplifting, spirts, animal, or stranger things related for social media. When we’re together, and she can sense the sarcasm and jokes in my tone, I will make a joke about her or whatever, when she can read me and knows it’s a joke. She also does the same to me, so it’s just having fun. Maybe talk to him and see if that’s a workable compromise

i did tell him how i felt but he said he thought the post was funny but he apperently didnt see the “tag an idiot part”

I hate posts like that. They’re so dumb and just fill your feed with crap. Even if it’s just a joke or to be silly, it’s not really a good way to go about being “funny”

You’re right, it’s NOT funny. Why would you want to tag someone as an idiot that you care about? I don’t know why stuff like that floats around. You’d think people would want to spread more positive things.

I’m sorry Ashley. You’re none of those negative things. I’m glad you told him how you feel. Just let him know not to tag you in stuff like that anymore.

I love you girl.

First off don’t feel bad cause of what an Ex-Boyfriend said. He’s just trying to get attention from his “So called” friends. He probably doesn’t have that many REAL FRIENDS so he probably trying to gain the attention of others so he can feel relevant in life. On top of that he’s wanting attention from you cause he tagged you in the post. DON’T GIVE HIM THE SATISFACTION

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