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Nobody is perfect

You don’t need to feel down about yourself, nobody is perfect. We all have our own issues and we can fight through them if we just get help. Everyone has a beautful soul if you truly believe that you do. It’s not too late to fix things, we are all human, and we all matter. Your mom, your dad, you sister, your brother, your cousin, your friends, they all care about you even if hey feel the need to talk down to you or feel like you’re a horrible human being. If they ever feel that way, just know they still love and care about you deeply they might just be mad about somehing but take it out on you… You don’t need to feel like people hate you, honestly they might just be jealous of how fabulous you truly are. Just the fact that you came here to get help shows strength of hope you get well and get through your family / friends issues, I have faith in each and every one of you. You can get through this tough time! Trust me when I say this, you can have posotive thoughts about yourself and others, it makes a lot of changes in life and I have realized that. Don’t let your problems get inside your head, and most importantly don’t let yourself feel down. So please, take this message to heart and believe me when I say it.


Thank you for your words of encouragement @Cancellimit. :hrtlegolove: It really means a lot to see you taking the time to share this. Your words are valuable, welcomed, appreciated, and I hope you take good care of yourself as well.

Have a good weekend. :hrtlegolove: