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Nobody texts me first

Well I almost don’t have friends, just like 8 online friends and 2 irl friends, but to the 2 irl friends it’s always me who has to ask them to hang out except for rare ocassions, and the online friends used to be the best thing on my life, but now they never text me if I don’t text first (with only one exception whom I adore but it’s not enough) I don’t know what changed, they always say they are busy but even when I’m busy I make time to talk to them. I don’t know why I stopped being important to them. I tried to join other communities but I always get bored quickly because I feel I’m just doing it out of necessity or to “replace” my friends. I don’t want any friends, I want MY friends back… I just want them to care about me as I care about them… plus I have sensory processing sensitivity and this is killing me…


If they are you real friends they will try to contact with you if you dont contact them. Try to do things you like and try not thinking in them. If they care they will try to contact with you :hugs: Take care

I’ve been there where you have to reach out first and the other person doesn’t make an effort. It sucks. You want to be social and when you get bailed on it becomes a night with the Playstation. It’s easy to say life happens and people go their different ways but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pain you. You can always try talking to them and seeing what is going on why they don’t reach out to you and taking it from there. If they for whatever reason don’t want to be your friend then that is on them not you. You mentioned you looked into other communities and that is totally okay. When I had a falling out with an ex friend I did that and it felt weird at first because I was at times reminded by what we had. I would say it is not you replacing your friends but rather you trying to have social interaction with other people which is totally okay because we are humans and need social interaction. Know that you matter and you are valid and if they can’t see that then that is on them not. Keep hanging in there and I hope that your situation with your friends gets better.


From: all_around_ashley

For me , Since i graduated highschool i stoped like messaging my friends because i was busy with school and one of my close friends actually stoped talking to me cause hes friends with a guy who cheated on me . but when i want to talk to my other friends i message them on my own terms. Yet in your situation im sorry this has happened but i wish the best for you and please keep trying . They may be busy but they still care about you . Hold Fast Friend .

Hey @Azure We went over your topic on the Danmakeshismark Twitch stream today. He also drew you a beautiful picture! If you’d like to have the picture sent to you, please email [email protected]

Hold Fast.

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In the wise words of the contemporary philosopher Forrest Gump: “Bubba was my bestest good friend, and even I know that’s something you don’t just find around the corner.” Making new friends is so hard, especially when it feels forced. But you can’t control them.

I had some friends just like you described, and I just quit texting them. I figured if they cared, they’d reach out. They never did, which told me everything I needed to know about what kind of friends they were. I was lonely and bored, but I also set myself free from people who didn’t value me as a friend. And in that freedom, I learned to make friends with myself, and I also opened myself up to the possibility of trying new things making other friends.

I made several friends through Meetup. Check it out. It’s an app/website that hosts individual groups of people with shared interests. It’s free, just join a group that sounds fun and show up to their events.

Remember, you deserve to be more than just a second thought. You deserve friends who care about you. If your current friends don’t recognize your worth, it makes it harder for you to see your own worth. You are enough, and there are people out there who will see that.


Wow… I have no words… The picture is beautiful and I find it hard to believe that someone cared so much about a stranger to do that. Thank you very much. However, those things that he said at the end about “what if you were messaged all the time and someone told you you didn’t care” that was kind of hurtful. I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I am very sensitive to others’ emotions as well as mine. I wouldn’t let a day pass without answering and if I ever forgot to I felt very guilty. I had spent many years of my life alone, so I cherished every moment I had with my friends.
That said, I really appreaciate your encouragement and all the effort you put into this, I love cats <3 And about sending the picture, don’t worry, I live in Argentina and I wouldn’t want to make you pay all the shipping costs.

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I know you want your friends back. I wish I could have some friends back that come and gone in my life. I miss them all the time. The best thing you can do is try to make new friends through your church, not sure where you stand there, or just try to make new friends at work. I have learned that true friends who care about you will reach out to you and not always have to be texted first. I’m always here to talk and be your friend if you ever need anything. You have a whole community behind you here who will always make you feel loved and supported. I encourage you to pray about this or to check out some churches in your area, if you’re not currently attending. I speak from experience that nothing is impossible with God on your side. Would love to have a convo with you one of these days. @Azure.

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