Nobody wants me

I’m sick of being broken, and I am sick of being treated like crap no matter how hard I work or how nice I am. I keep trying to believe but it’s hard to see how things will ever get better. It’s been 3 decades of being unwanted.


I Want you, many people want you in the world. without you, the world will be a person more lonely. i know there are people who pray ever night for every singel one of us, including you. if you wanna talk, im here

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Hey. I don’t know much about you or why you feel this way but I’ve been there, definitely. Maybe you are loved but you have some self esteem issues. Maybe the people you’re around aren’t good at expressing how you feel. I’m not gonna sit and tell you that some stranger on the internet love you, or people do love you unknowingly. Because I can’t assure you with any real evidence.
But what I do know is, you can want yourself. It doesn’t matter if genuinely no one wants you. If you don’t love yourself, who tf else will?? Why need someone to validate you. I know how cliche that sounds but this is what got through many people I know. Accept yourself. Doesn’t matter if you’re the worst person, but you have to believe in yourself. The other people will soon start coming around

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Hey @Kal-El,

It’s incredibly heartbreaking to feel like no one wants you. And not just once, but as a repeated experience through the years. Feeling unwanted is terrible and can really affect the way we view ourselves, how we perceive our worth. My heart goes out to you, friend. And I really want to remind you today that you are wanted, just like you are worthy of love and care. Those experiences that caused so much pain to you will never define you, even if it’s hard to believe it sometimes. You are enough as you are, and people who will truly see you will just appreciate you as you are. Love has no pre-requirement, even if some people believe differently. No mold to fit in, no hard work to do. What matters is just being you.

If you don’t feel like there’s any space in your life where you are loved and accepted as you are, then know that you are loved right here and right now, by real people who live in the same reality as yours. Relationships can be extremely complex and disappointing, but you’ll always have a solid ground here, whenever you need.

If you’d like to share a little bit about you and your story, you’re 100% welcome to do so. I’d love to learn to know you a little more. You’re not alone, friend.

Sending hugs your way. :hrtlegolove:

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