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Nonstop tired since my grandmother passed


Since my grandmother passed away about three weeks ago I’ve just been tired.

I haven’t wanted to do anything. I have things I can do and would like to do but I’m just too tired.

I start things but I don’t finish them and even the smallest amount of work I do just drains me. I really don’t know what to do right now.

The past few weeks it’s just been saying “I just need to make it through the day” but that’s been every day and it’s becoming very hard.


@Lyss - Thank you for sharing how you’re feeling. It really does sound like you should find a counselor or therapist or even a pastor at a church who can evaluate where you are in your grieving process and help you move forward.

The process can be really strenuous, and sometimes it does seem like it will never end. Know that those stages they talk about when grieving are non-linear and you can go from denial to acceptance to anger back to denial to depression to bargaining to anger… etc. Know there is hope, and if you get yourself a cheerleader in the form of a therapist or similar that might be even more apparent.

Here for you if you need to talk more.

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HI there,
I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother! I myself lost my grandmother 2 years ago this September and I know it’s not an easy thing to get over. It’s best to remember that everyone mourns in their own way and everyone recovers at their own pace. I cried for days after my grandma passed away and even had a major mental breakdown the day after but it really helped to surround myself with family and people who knew what I was going through so, I’m not sure what your living situation is like but if you live with family keep them close and if you don’t maybe going and staying with a family member for a bit might help. You probably don’t want to hear this but the first full year is the hardest. I found once you get through all the “firsts” like birthdays and holidays with out your loved one, that’s when things finally get easier the “firsts” are a huge hurdle but once you get through those it can be easier to accept and cope with the loss. Just remember there is no set time for someone to “get over” a loss and it may take a long time but it will get easier and though the pain never goes away it will lessen over time. Just keep her memory alive and remember even though you can’t see her anymore she’ll always be in your heart. Idk if you’re religious or if you believe in heaven or not but I’m a firm believer that when after a loved one passes they’re always in heaven looking down on us and watching over us.

You’re Stronger Than You Know!



Hello there @Lyss ! I am sorry for your loss. I remember when I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. I was asleep and my father came into my room to inform me that my mom was at the hospital with my grandmother and she had passed away. I fell back asleep not thinking about it. Woke up the next morning to ask my parents what happened and they told me. I was heartbroken. I went 4 weeks in tears and feeling as if i wanted to give up. She was my greatest grandma ever. But after some time i learned that I had to take my mind off of it and look at my future. I knew that my grandmother was going to be watching over me and helping me through my journey in life , and that made me feel better and focus on what was more important. My best advice to you is to think the way I did. Know that your grandmother will stay with you forever and she will be watching over you and helping you on your Journey. It will hurt and that is normal. But eventually you will feel better and you will want to continue your life. Do not give up! Proceed to live and make your life what it should be. You will thank yourself in the future. If you need to talk at all please tag me and I will be here for you. I will do anything I can to help you through this process.



Hello, again (just responded to your last post)

I want to repeat here, even though I just said it, because I really want you to know, I love you, Lyss! My sweet friend, I am so sorry about your Grandmother. Losing people is so hard. I know this. I’ve been there. Healing and moving forward can take some time and always varies by person.

I see you. I see that you’re hurting and I’m just really grateful for you. I know you recently worked on a commission for me and my partner and I am ever grateful to you for doing that, seeing that you are having such a hard time right now. I hope that it offered you some sort of peace and distraction in the process. It came out amazingly. And everyone that has seen it so far has absolutely adored it. My best friend said you turned us into the cutest potatoes!

As far as the rest, it’s okay to be struggling right now. It’s okay to be hurting. It’s normal and understandable that you’d be having a hard time doing things or feeling motivated. You know?

But as I said before and will continue to say, I’m always here for you. In my own awkward loving way I will always embrace you and offer you any sort of comfort that you may need.

I’m really sorry about your Grandma. Does it ever help to talk about her? Or does that serve as too painful? Do you think that sharing some of your favorite memories and things about her would be therapeutic for you? If so, I’d love to hear about her. And if not, that’s okay too. Up to you.

I love you, dear