What do you guys do when you feel nostalgic? It always brings me great joy whenever I think fondly of the past. To amplify these feelings I usually listen to my playlist of music from this time.


Hey @OMAMfan,

It’s interesting to hear someone having a positive experience with nostalgia! To me personally it is more of a bittersweet one. It’s often a first emotional state in which I am before being really depressed. During that liminal time, I feel both attracted and sad about the past. If you ever heard of the portugese word “Saudade”, then that’s pretty much how it looks like to me! Something intense, prone to be in a contemplative mindset. I don’t do much during those moments, although like you I tend to listen to specific music to amplify these feelings. It would generally make me emotional and shed tears too. Just a very deep yet confusing emotion at the same time. :slight_smile:

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