Not again. Stalkers

I thought I was okay, I thought I was safe. I thought I made friends, I didn’t, they were just magnets again. I let my gaurd down, and now I’m no longer safe and I have to deal with these stupid motherfuckers again.

I’m not going to bother being vague about this, as I’m sure this particular person has already found me on this site since they somehow figured out my fucking name, I really wouldn’t be surprised, I already know plenty of people watching me here that don’t think I know. I’m a very observative person, I know when I’m being watched. I just don’t say anything because it’s not my place.

So, I guess I will get into this particular person now:
A friend from school has been dealing with a very dangerous stalker for years, they used to be friends but he started telling her how he wanted to kill his family, her, and then himself. Being extremely obsessive, drawing her, and other stupid degenerate shit. She blocked him and cut him off but for years he continued to add her on social media by making different accounts. Then he gave up for a bit, but kept tabs on her, and started writing her extremely long poems via email with secret codes in them.

Just 2 days ago she ran into him in her families neighborhood, and she talked to him and told him the college she was going to now and he just said “I already know.” And then she thought it was weird but continued talking to him, he recently got a restraining order on his dad for putting a knife to his throat, then as they continued talking he asked her how it was living in the “name of the neighborhood and complex she was in” and she got creeped out and asked how he knew, he just repeats the question and she asked again, and he said “I like to keep tabs on the people I care about.” Then she said “No, how do you know?” And he said “A simple goole search can do alot.” And then said how he was planning on moving into her complex so he could see her, but he didn’t have enough money. So she googled herself and didn’t find anything till she came to a site where you put in someone name and age and area, the previews show you the names of the family members, and you pay $2 to get their phone numbers, previous and current house addresses, email addresses, and birth certificates, as well as many other Extremely private things. That’s what she thinks he did.

Then today as we were talking about him suddenly she gets an email from him and he fucking changed his goddamn email name from his full irl name to my fucking first name and his middle name. And my friend said it prolly means nothing. ARE YOU FICKIGN KIDDING ME?! AFTER ALL HES DONE TO YOU, ALL THESE SECRET CODES AND SHIT, AND YOUT HINK ITS NOTHING?! Fucker clearly is telling me and her in his own way he knows my name, I think it’s a warning. Leave her alone and he’ll leave me alone. Idrk what else tbh, but that’s what I’m seeing. I know how they think to an extent thanks to Mori, but now I have to deal with it. They clearly know how to be just enough careful that they don’t break the law, but fuck up just enough that they can still be fucking creepy to someone. They are extremely good with words and pretend as if they know anything about mental health. They only know words and manipulation, the typical psychopath. And you know, if the person reading right now is the person I’m talking about, and you didn’t know until now, and you’re reading this, then hi, I know you, but if you leave me be, I’ll leave you be. But I’m sure you already know, given the fact you know my name. I’m not stupid enough to think it’s “Just a coincidence.” And I’ll tell you this right now: You better back the fuck off you little cunt. You don’t want to know what will happen if you fuck with me.

My only conclusion at the moment is kill myself or leave this place, but if this continues, I have a much much better conclusion to solve this issue. So this is a warning for you, if you value the people you love, don’t fuck with me. I’m not afraid of throwing away my empathy if needed. As for my friend, she hates you, but she already has someone who can protect her, but I wonder if he even cares :thinking:. I don’t know how you can’t see how fucked up you are, but it’s none of my buisness. I’ll stay out of her buisness and yours, and you stay out of mine. That is all I have to say to you. I have plenty of backup if needed. If you respect mental health as much as I do, then we can agree on this.

You know who you are, and I know who you are. I hope we can both respectfully agree on these terms.


Hi Systemofconfusion
I am so sorry that you have to deal with people like that (talking about you crazy stalker why dont you fuck off). You have already enough problems and now this. I will not try to give you advise here because as you said the person might be reading it. I think i speak for everyone here when i say we are with you. I hope this situation can be resolved without the involvement of the police but i would not hesitate to call them if the situation calls for it. I hope this crazy stalker guy will leave you and your friend alone. Dont be afraid to take protective measures if that is not the case. I would also talk to your parents about it or to people who you can trust so they can be aware of this person in case they try something.

I am here if you need to talk or anyone else you feel comfortable talking to on heartsupport
I hope things wount escalate
Stay safe


I worry for my friend, but seeing as she isn’t too arsed about it, I’m just going to assume she will be fine and she knows how to handle it. She was scared yesterday, but calmer today, I think she’s doing that desensitization thing. But, as I am looking to uphold an agreement now, I am going to start leaving her alone. I’m tired of doing things for other people, looking out for them and then them not even be greatful for it and still throw me under the bus. If worst comes to worse, she would prolly do that, as we all have a reason to protect ourselves, so, to protect the both of us, and ease this situation, I’m just going to sit this out. I already told her to go to the police but she says she doesn’t have enough “evidence” which she has she’s just doesn’t want to take the screenshots. I have her given my best advice, and her bf can prolly help her more than I can anyways. This isn’t my problem anymore, I’m sorry. I’m tired of people like this. Was looking forward to being her friend, but I guess similarities come with their downsides. Never trust anyone, I always have to remind myself this, but this time I never thought that being friends with a harmless person would come with the people that have harmed them. God. I hate humanity. This guy reminds me of the dude who texted me for years asking me what I’d do if I was alone in the woods, and other very creepy shit that turned them on. People like this make me want to shoot myself. And if it comes down to it. I just might. I just got to remmeber I have my headmates. My brothers are the only ones who will never betray me, Mori may be a bitch, but they are for a reason. For this very reason. I guess having toxic headmates can come in handy sometimes.
Anyways. I’m very tired of being stressed about this, I’ve said what I needed to say. Now to wait for the dudes response, wherever it may be. If he didnt find me here, then I will have to make my response elsewhere. Or maybe he’ll figure it out when he sees I’m doing my part.


Hi again
I dont think your friend betrayed your trust and i still think you can be friends with them. It is just that people have their problems and enemies (like crazy psycho stalker guys). I dont think you should abandon or ghost people when something like this happends. I think what you should aim for it to be carring but not overly carring. I think you are doing a fine job at that. You asked your friend about it and offered her help and your opinion. If she takes it or not that is on her. If she does not then dont feel obligated to push it on her. Just keep an eye on the sitution.

People carry their demons with them. You do I do and your friend does too. Dont abandon her just because you saw one of hers. If she cares for you and is being a good friend to you than i seen no reason why not to be her friend. I know it might be triggering for you to see the similarities between hers and your demon but maybe you can learn together how to face them and she might help you when you need it.


Well, as you can tell, whether it was a target to her or me, it triggered me enough to cause severe reaction and scare the shit out of me. The reason I say I can’t deal with this shit is because I literally cannot deal with it. I could deal with literally anything else. I’m just going to distance myself for now. If it were something else I could definetly deal with it, but when it comes to these sorts of situations I’ve been through that shit enough that even the slightest mention of anything to do with it triggers the fuck out of me.
I try not to be like this but I can’t fucking help it. I mean how would you deal with a situation like that? And if I was in my friends situation, I wouldn’t blame them for “ghosting” me, they’re just protecting themselves. They have every right to that, it’s not like I ever expected them to walk with me through my issues anyways.

Hi, what he means is he can’t mentally and emotionally deal with a topic that is so triggering for him. Ecspecially if it’s by one of his close friends. He wants to help but he can’t even handle it himself. In the past he has met fucked up people like this so it scares him when he finds himself around them again and makes him lose his sanity. He doesn’t mean to “ghost” people. He’s just protecting himself. He can only deal with so much.
Overall, we can’t deal with this for the very fact the mind is so fragile that any slight trigger or danger we break down or split and we can’t differentiate safety from danger so we just run from everything or attack everything. I say this as one of his most attentive headmates, this is what I’ve seen him do during every cycle. I don’t think he’s mentally capable of constantly every day handling people who are or deal with intent of danger, and he tries to help his friends out too much as it is, so he wears himself out. He knows how to tell the difference between no intent to harm and intent to harm, but when he sees the intent to harm ptsd comes back and he pretty much loses his mind. As his brother, this is the best for him. I’m not sure what we are going to do for now, but I want him to keep his distance from her for his own mental health, as I know he isn’t normally like this and it’s not his fault for closing up for safety, it’s better than relying on Mori. We are doing this for the safety of our own mental health. I’m protecting my brothers. We are protecting our system.

My other friend said it could be a coincidence but agreed that it’s way too uncanny to be, but that maybe he had overheard her talking to other ppl with my name online, or hacked into her online acc and got my name there. Either way, this is why I’m very careful about giving out ppls real names in general. I always try to be very discreet about literally everything whether it’s for me or my friends, because I don’t want to put anyone in danger. But I am also very open, if you find me in the right places. Like here. But I share at this place because I’m not afraid of anyone who sees, because I trust the people who do. To me this is a place of respect and equal sides, this is not a place of judgment, but support.


I am sorry I didnt know that it was that triggering for you and i understand the need to protect yourself. I also didnt want to imply that you ghosted her I just wanted to say that friends should stick together even when things go south but he situation is more complicated than that. I know what it is like to be so afraid to even look on a phone to see if there is a message from a sertain person. I usually try to face my demons but that approach is a double edged sword. When i bite too much it can really hurt me and make my fears worse.
I understand that you want to protect yourself. Everybody does from time to time. Just dont be afraid to make friends. I know that it is hard to trust someone and that trust has to be earned but please dont give up. :wink:


First and foremost, you do have to protect yourself, especially if the situation is triggering and you all know it’s difficult to recover from. Maybe write her a letter to explain that you hope she takes the steps needed to be safe, but you also need to be safe and need some time away. Hope you all find some peace and feel safe.


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