Not doing too well

I’ve always struggled in school. I never found any interest in learning math, science, reading/writing, etc. And because I never found anything to be “fun,” or interesting, I would procrastinate & my grades would suffer. That’s unfortunately gotten to be more and more true the past few years. I’ve been homeschooled for 4 years now and nearing the end of 10th grade. I have F’s in all 6 of my subjects. Even the ones that I actually find to be fun, like my photography class.

My procrastination has gotten so bad, that I was extremely close to failing 8th and 9th grade. This year, I’m afraid I’ve pushed it too far… I’ve convinced myself that I will most likely fail 10th grade all-together. It’s all my fault…

I feel like I’m letting down my teachers and most of all; my parents. I’m starting to believe once again that I’m a down-right failure and a burden. I don’t deserve all of the help that’s been provided to me by my teachers and parents because I end up procrastinating and I just waste all the help away.

I HATE myself for all of the frustration I’ve caused my parents to go through as a result of my procrastination. I’m such a lazy piece of crap… and I don’t deserve anything…

idk you but you haven’t let me down i think your a great person and possibly a great friend and very helpful i bet you can get your grades passing cause i believe in you

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I have felt that too! I used to do well at school, but now I feel like I am just a failure because I am not a straight A student, thanks to my mental health!! I struggle with procrastination too because of low self esteem! Low self esteem= lack confidence= social anxiety= worried about failure= procrastination