Not driving away

I’m feeling a bit proud of myself because today I went to Burger King and they got my order wrong. I have really bad anxiety to where I normally don’t go to fast food places on my own. So when they accidentaly mess my order up (like they did today) I normally drive away. But today I took in a few deep breaths remembered my coping skills and got my order fixed. So this is just a small step towards getting better. Just felt the need to share.


I am SO proud of you! It really is the little, everyday things we do that make the difference.

@Kingamuas that’s amazing! Well done. You should be so proud :3

Keep it up!

Hey @Kingamuas! That’s SO awesome to hear!! You should be proud of yourself! It all starts with baby steps, and you’re doing a fantastic job. Rock on!

Right on!!! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!!