Not eating much

I struggling to eat food I burning over 5000 calories each day

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Yeah - feels like you see this issue - I am burning so many calories that I am just not eating enough to keep up. It’s hard to feel like there is this gap or this gulf between what you know your body needs and what you’re currently giving it. It can feel really distressing when you are wanting to be able to do something and you just can’t do it. That can, over time, create this sense of powerlessness. I’m sorry you’re going through that, friend. I have some areas in my life where I feel powerless as well - or wrestle against that - and it is really hard to engage in those areas, because when you lose hope, you lose a lot of the strength of conviction and belief that energizes you to create the change you need to create. It’s kind of a catch-22. You need strength to make change, but you need to change to create strength. Chicken-and-the-egg type of thing. Sucks when you get stuck in those places. Thank you for writing here.


Thanks for sharing here. It’s can be really scary to come to a new place and share vulnerably, so thank you for trusting us with a piece of what you’re struggling with.

Struggles with food can feel so all consuming. I’m curious for you what is behind this inability to eat? Is it keeping up with the amount of calories you’re burning? or is it based off of insecurity in the way you look?

It sounds like when it comes to food you see what you should be/want to be doing, but you feel unable to do that and that can feel really hopeless. It’s so frustrating to see the issue, but not be able to fix it. My encouragement is to keep reaching out and asking for help. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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Hey @karoldell2,

Welcome at Heartsupport! And thank you for creating this topic here.

Struggling with eating the way we need can be so exhausting, and I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with it. You know it’s an essential part of your needs, yet there may be a lot of interference there that just make it seem like an impossible hurdle to overcome for you. Well done for putting words on it and acknowledging the issue in the first place. Seeking support and talking about what you’re going through is definitely a positive step, and hopefully you’ll get as much support, encouragement and insights you need related to what you’re going through.

I’d personally love to hear a little more about what you’re going through, and understand your situation a little bit better. If I may ask: Has it been a long time since you’ve been struggling with eating? How would you describe it/what makes it difficult for you to eat most of the time?

Once again thank you for being here. You’re not alone. :heart:

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Yes I have been here before in last 4 months I only able to stomach noodles I have done this before when I was in 12 years old I suffering with depression and autism high anxiety issues

It the way I look feel and also struggling with stress

I have tired many things to get eating but can’t

I lost hope in 4 months

It’s due to feel like a waste of my life and definitely not worth anything