Not good enought

I need support and love I had a really hard day as I saw a friend get into a car accited then I found that my school cheer team cut the hole JV team for comparison which include me and I was going to be put as a varsity alternate but am struggling with my acclaimed and behaver issues and am having a hard time memorizing things so I was cut from the team because of these things and am crushed i have bed have a lot of depperson this week with me farala test and deal with girl issues then today am in a bad mood please help is been hard am lost and dont know what to do

Here if you need to talk. Will be praying for you and your family as well. No need to beat yourself up over what happened. Try to remember all the good and fun times about your sister. It’s tough to overlook the negative things in school too. Especially high school, where theres all the drama.

Hey @kait2345,

It’s a lot to handle at the same time but you are not alone here. :heart:
Take a deep breath, and try not to think about it all, but as different elements you’ll deal with, one after the other. Sometimes writing about it in a notebook can be helpful to put things out of our minds. Also, I hope you’re friend was doing okay after the accident.

It’s okay to feel a bit down when things aren’t going in the way we want. I can only assume that you’re feeling like things are piling up, but it’s going to be okay, friend. School can be overwhelming but fortunately it’s not your entire life, even if sometimes it feels like it is. You can still try to take care of yourself as much as possible. To surround yourself with the persons you love and to explore activities that would please you. :two_hearts:

Sending much love your way. :heart: