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Not sexual assualt

I have been told by a grown adult i trust it is not sexual assualt she said since i said yes it wasn’t rape or anything so im done talking about this cus im obviously over dramatic.


There had to be a reason why it felt like sexual assault you. If you said yes because you felt coerced, it’s assault.

Even if the guy was a saint, and you only imagined that you were assaulted, it still needs to be taken seriously. You can trust an adult to have good intentions, but they may not be good at handling this kind of problem.

If you are overdramatic, that’s a secondary issue, and does not negate the primary issue, which is feeling as though you were violated.

Too often, accusing someone of being overdramatic is an attempt to make them shut up. Don’t fall for it. If you face such an accusation, just know that the person does not want to deal with your issue.

Please find a therapist or counselor to help you.

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This is a touchy topic, and a hard one to give an answer of certainty to.

So here’s a few things you need to examine:

  1. Did you say yes if he asked if you guys could have sex?
  2. Did you at any point tell him to stop and he didn’t?
  3. If you did tell him to stop, and he said something like it’ll get better etc, and you said okay, at that point he may have thought it was okay for him to continue.

So from your previous post, it seems though as after he told you it would hurt less, you said okay. So in his mind, he saw that as consent to continue.

But if this was something you didn’t feel comfortable with, or unsure of, 100 percent that is something that you need to talk to him about.

Im never speaking to him or going neat him again. If he ever tries to start shit i will call my friends to get him to lemme the F alone.