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Not sure how to process or proceed forward with future


Long story short, in the last four months I have been trying to accept and process the abuse my dad and two exes put me through, and trying to deal with how messed up and broken I feel compared to those around me. I feel that I could never attract a man that is safe for me, and I feel in danger all the time. I’m also trying to process my most recent ex sexually assaulting me four times and realizing my life and who I was before him is no longer the same. I still love him despite his actions towards me, we broke up a year ago but I’m not over it yet. I’ve got many friends around me, yet no one ever checks up on me and I feel very alone and isolated. I don’t know what to do or who to lean on and I feel a bit overwhelmed tonight. Any advice on how to get better and not feel hopelessly broken and abandoned?


@Boo_Kenjii, if they don’t bother to check up on you and you still feel isolated, they are not your friends. Friends don’t do that, friends care. And you should let them know how you feel and what’s on your mind towards them, because they don’t sound like friends.
Sometimes all you have is yourself. I recommend trying to fix any things you dislike about yourself before trying to find a new someone. There’s hundreds of men in the world, so don’t give up hope. Just be careful the next time you meet someone. Learn the lesson and forget the mistake. Next time make sure you know who that man is, what he’s like, what his dark and light sides are like before you go too deep.
You may still love your ex, but you should move on piece by piece. He doesn’t deserve you.
And there’s many ways not to feel alone, mostly by occupying yourself. Learn an instrument, find a fan family of a band/artist or find another hobby.
I hope this helps, and I wish you luck friend.
Post on here whenever you like, and hold fast!


Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, you’re right. Just gotta do better and be patient next time,for sure. Thank you for the reply, I appreciate your compassion! Hope all is well for you!


:slight_smile: I hope you find everything you’re looking for. Never give in <3


you’ll still feel broken just not hopelessly broken.

Work on yourself. Focus on who you are and who you weant to be. Don’t try to figure out the past. Just accept that it happened then move on. Deal with the issues you have one at the time naturally. If you push too hard trying to figure out why your past happened you will get lost and run away from the very issues you want to have closure on.

So broken doesn’t have to be all bad. (Besides where have you seen any interesting people that weren’t shallow that had a good past anyway? How would they relate to you and your hurt? They can’t. They can’t even hint at what it feels like.)

Fixed people are the coal that keeps the fire burning. Broken people are the Diamonds who fire reveals the light in the darkest of places (within oneself). (I suggest looking up the term Fire regarding Diamonds) -Taking Mxiety’s #BeTheLight to a whole new level.-