Not sure how to really do things

I recently have moved out on my own kinda and my friend has been recommending block scheduling cuz I feel so overwhelmed but I never have done anything like that and I have a near impossible time getting thoughts out and so now im sitting here getting all worked up and anxious over nothing really and I just feel like a failure for not being able to do relatively simple things in my eyes and it just its been such a struggle for me…


Dude I can so relate man, little shit break me too and it really hard that be on your own now of days. Stay strong man! Hang in there.

From: Ash (Discord)

First off congrats on moving out on your own. I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed that makes it very hard to feel like anything you are doing is good enough or that you have done the things you need to do well enough. As your friend suggested ya blocked scheduling can help but for some that wont work so sometimes we have to find what works for us. One thing I had when I first moved out was an 8’ by 11’ inch weekly paper I had laminated so that I could use washable markers to mark my schedule. Perhaps using something like google docs aka the green piece of it haha sorry forgot the name but it allows you to make charts. Plan a period of time set for each day so like what time you typically get up for me that would be around 7am and than I tend to go to bed around 11pm so I would set that as my hours for it than on the top I would have my days of the week. Each week fill it out with everything that is a MUST DO and than you can fill in the rest of the blocks with stuff that is important to do like cleaning, showering, eating etc… honestly all your friends seems to be trying to suggest is set yourself up for success. Sorry it feels so stressful but sometimes some of the things that seem hard its because we dont know where to start. But let me say taking giant leaps will lead you back to the start or slow you more so take baby steps. Hold fast we are here for you to help.

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