Not sure if i should give up my self harm tool

My boyfriend says he is willing to wait for me to give it to him (he gets rid of them for good) he is willing to wait till im ready if it means another relapse…he says he does nto want to force it on me cus it could make things worse…i dont know if im ready to give it up…ik i want to but idk if i can im just not sure what i should do…any advice for figuring out what i should do?


I think it says a lot about how your boyfriend cares for you by not risking further harm that may come from getting rid of your tool. That being said, I think it is best for your mental health if you get rid of your tool.

I understand that you turn to harm to feel better, but the truth is, this is an unhealthy way to deal with your pain. It may feel better in the moment, but it’s not worth causing physical harm to yourself. In that regard, you probably need to give your tool to your boyfriend so he can get rid of it.

At the same time, I would have a discussion with him about what you can do as a couple and what he can do as a supportive partner in the event that you feel the need to harm if he does get rid of your tool. I absolutely believe that you should still have a way to relieve that pain (or at least start looking for a way), and I’m sure your boyfriend would be more than willing to help you in that journey.

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I am ganna give it to him thank you


That’s a tough situation. My former fiance had a similar problem that was OCD related. After a lot of therapy and the right meds, she’s finally got it under control. She has had a few minor relapses, but nothing like the self surgery, rush to the ER that was all to normal for awhile.

Talk to your doctor and see about therapy. I think that you’re tough enough to make it happen.

I wish you all the best. Recovery’s not easy, but it’s worth. You’re worth it.

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