Not sure what left to do

From landennsykes: Need a place to sleep family I stay with doesn’t work and I’m the only person working and apparently I don’t make enough money so they are kicking me out the house. Type 1 diabetic and they’ve taken any money I’ve had to get food also sick might have Covid going get tested tommorow and been threatened to be killed cuz my grandma says if she gets rid of me she can get money from everybody to pay her bills and I have it recorded. I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m down to 62 pounds and I’m running out of insulin

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Wow, it sounds like you’re going through the wringer, and I can only imagine all the stress and worry this may be causing. Between the challenges with your family and financial struggles (and being sick!), this sounds like such a stressful, overwhelming situation.

I hope you’re able to try taking things one step at a time in light of the stress of all that’s going on.

If you’re running low on insulin and can’t afford to get more, I strongly suggest looking into insulin affordability options. Here’s one site that can help you find options if you don’t know where to start: (for USA – there are international options too if you look them up) (also, if you haven’t used them before, I believe both Lilly [HumaLog] and Novo Nordisk [NovoLog] have options for urgent insulin access – Get Urgent Insulin Support - Get Insulin). I know with all that’s going on right now though, it can be hard to even start thinking about handling insulin.

I feel for you and know that you’re going through a lot right now. Please do keep us updated if anything is on your mind or if there’s anything we can do for you. Again, I know this is a lot and I am wishing you the best as you navigate these challenges.