Not Too Excited About Easter

Usually, I’m excited about Easter because it’s a family holiday to remember Jesus rising from the dead… But this year I’m not too excited for not exactly any reason. It could be because I have lots of homework to do and I’m tired… Is it normal to not be excited about a holiday?



I think it’s ‘normal’ to get excited, and it’s “normal” to not get excited. This year has been different in many ways.
I’d encourage you to be at peace with the ‘way’ you feel. Maybe this Easter will be more of a time of reflection. Also, feelings are feelings, perhaps it’s best to just go with them sometimes, and not try to ‘judge’ what we’re feeling. However, I hope you feel Blessed, this Easter, and everyday. Peace


Is it normal to not be excited about a holiday?

Of course. There is no right or wrong way to feel about holidays. Even if past years you were excited by it, sometimes the circumstances are not the same - and that’s okay. Holidays are scheduled and planned on a calendar, but not how we feel. You know, to take a different example, last year there were a lot of people who weren’t excited about Christmas and were sad, because there was covid, lockdowns and few opportunities for people to see their loved ones. It’s normal to feel that way with such circumstances. It’s only human. Just like it’s okay for you to feel tired because of all your homework.

What matters is not to beat ourselves up if we don’t feel enthusiastic about something we used to really enjoy. It’s just different this year. And as long as you take care of yourself, it’s all that matters. :hrtlegolove:

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