Nothing ever changes

Feeling really isolated right now. I never hear from anyone be it friends or family. I haven’t been myself in months and no one has noticed. I could literally just disappear and I doubt anyone would notice or even care except that the things I do wouldn’t be getting done. I want to cut again just so I can feel okay again. I keep thinking how my young son and husband would be better off if I were to just disappear.


I would recommend asking your husband. Does he think he would be better off without you? Or is it your mind playing tricks on you for some reason?

You as an individual, have so much impact on people’s lives, including your son. You matter to him, your husband and you matter to us. The influence you have would change and you matter. You should reach out and ask your family/friends if they would be better off without you? Reach out and you will realize how much you matter.

Hi friend. I’ve been struggling a lot with these feelings too lately. It’s been hard. I’ve spent a lot of energy on others but feel like nobody sees that I’m not okay or struggling. You are not alone. I know the pain of fighting depression, sadness and pain in a quiet space where those around you seem to not even notice.

I try to remember that it doesn’t mean people don’t care. Sometimes people just genuinely don’t know. Sometimes all the things going on in our separate lives can be so noisy and busy that we accidentally miss things. I hope you know that this doesn’t mean you don’t matter or that nobody cares or loves you.

Your son would be devastated if something happened to you. He would notice. And it would effect his entire life not having you. Your husband would notice.

I know that it can still feel lonely when people beyond your direct family don’t see you and what you’re going through. Because I struggle with the same feelings. If it weren’t for my partner, I’d feel invisible to the world and like nobody would even notice or care if I was gone. I do so much for people online and offline yet when I’m not doing for people I feel like they don’t even see me or bother to care that I exist.

But, we have to remember that our spouses and in your case, your children still love us very much and that is so important. I don’t know you but I care. I’m sorry that you are carrying this hurt. And that it has left you feeling like you need to turn to self destruction for comfort.

It’s not true. We wouldn’t be better off without you. It would be awful to lose you. You matter friend. You are important. I hope that you are able to find some peace and comfort. And something that can help you have a sense of healing through whatever you are going through.

I see you my friend. You matter to me.

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