Nothing is worth it

I hate god. I hate myself. Since becoming ill 12 years ago, i have lost everything. And in that time, i fought hard to regain my balance but nothing works and now that my money is spent, i can only look forward to a life of poverty and illness. There is no place for me and no escape from this pain. I hate god because my heart is innocent and no one, not even god, cares enough to help me or ease my pain. I will commit suicide but i would rather kill god.

Hello there,

I am sorry you are feeling this way. I am sorry that you are dealing with this illness and I am sorry that you feel alone.
I want to let you know that God actually loves you. You might not believe it, but I surly do and I am sure that others know this as being true as well.

This is the truth: ANYTHING that is NOT good comes from the devil. If you hate God then you must believe that He is real which means you must believe that Satan is real. Satan’s only mission is to steal, kill and destroy. He is filling your thoughts with lies and negativity. He is taking you away from your potential and your calling in this life.

I know it may seem like God isn’t there for you but He is. There is something he wants to show you. He uses everything, even the bad, for good. And he wants you to give him another chance.

I am going to pray for you right now, and please if you have the time, watch this:

We love you!
<3 Stephanie


Friend. I know it feels hard right now and I’m so so sorry you are going through this. But know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This doesn’t have to be the end of your path. You didn’t get dealt this hand because God doesn’t care about you. You got dealt this hand because God knows you can learn and grow from this to help others and even save lives with your story. Don’t give up. Keep fighting.



Anger will make a person less likely to experience any kind of joy, which, surely, there thrives some kind of joy in you to power you through a spell of pain.

Does not this community here care about how you are living, to be more than has ever been encountered, even when in the midst of unfathomable discomfort or sadness there your words reach the minds and hearts of folks, such as me?

If even for the slightest of moments, my best intention to bring about an act of kindness for you, take a moment to be welcome here to write your thought to those of us unaware of the will you emanate struggling to be free of pain. The less people know… the less people can help.

There are folks in your local community, who provide shelter, food, and care for people unable to live on their own. Never be afraid to pursue these resources when they are a lifeline to those of us unable to be of best of health or best of fortune. May you be well.



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Hey there, things aren’t always easy or going to be good but it’s how you look at it that counts. Things won’t be this tough forever, keep holding on I’m so sorry you have to go through this but there will be better days and things won’t be as difficult. Please stay strong and remember to push through the rough times in order to get to the good times.

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Well, i’ve swallowed the pills about 20 min ago so it doesnt matter. Hard to see the words but thx anyway.

Hun, there are things out there for you. Things do get better. I know you’re low but please be okay, we care about you here and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone. There is better days and you can have those, just please hold on.

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Friend, please hold on. Don’t let this be the last time we’re hearing from you okay? Can you call someone? Are you alone?

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Please don’t give up! I know sometimes when we are at our lowest lows, we want to do things that we think at the time may ease or kill the pain but just remember there is ALWAYS hope! Just because you are at a low right now, doesn’t mean you will be forever. Please please call someone. You are not alone!! Message me if you need to talk, scream, vent, whatever. I have been in your shoes before.

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You are worth so much more than your pain and what you’re feeling right now. The suffering will never amount to the glory. Know that we are here. Please listen to us and know that we care about you, we are here for you, and we will NOT go away. Please comment back. Please call someone. You are not alone in this. More people care than you know.

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Jesus loves you! It is NOT hopeless!!
I just finished praying for you with a friend of mine. We prayed for God to surround you with His love. You are valuable and beautiful and special. There is a purpose for your life.

Reach out for help. You will never regret it. God loves you.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

There is hope! You are special, and beautiful and loved. You are worth it. Believe in Jesus and reach out to grab the hand that He is reaching out to you.

Feel the love coming through to you as you read these words.

We love you.

Please tell us something about you so that we can find a way to help you. We care about you. Please let us help you. Please.

-Stephanie & Abbey

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Hey friend,

I hope you weren’t serious about OD’ing on pills yesterday; we care for you too much to see you do this to yourself! I hope you’re still around to read this message.

It’s OK to hate God; He’s big enough and He can take it. There have been many, many times when I have been frustrated with God. Why do bad things happen to good people? I wish I had the answer to that. Although when I look around and see so much destruction, I have faith that somehow, someway, God works all things for the good of those who love Him. Our lives are so short compared to the infinity that’s ahead of us, so it’s extremely difficult to figure out why things happen in the blink-of-an-eye that is our life.

I only know you based off of your post, but I can tell you 1 good thing that has come from your terrible situation - the incredible capability to empathize with other hurting people. You have the power to reach out and help other people feel less lonely, and that is crucial. Hold fast friend, we believe in you.