Nothing Left

I’m at a point where I have nothing left in me, given up. My financial situation is controlling how I feel in addition to some other things. My life feels worthless and can’t seem to recover. Not feeling much of anything good and just can’t see the light

This happens in life my friend. I’ve been dragged through the dirt , broke as shit , and talked shit on but I always find something inside to keep going and I know you can my friend. Take it from me some one who wanted to end it all many times. You will find a way. Just relax figure your situation out and move on. I am here for you no matter what. Takes strength of the mind!!! Good days are in the future

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me too I don’t want this life anymore

I feel like I have nothing and am nothing all of the time. This is most likely because I am alone all of the time and left to my own negative thoughts. @Mooseman here offers great advice from a relatable perspective. Life is a gift and some people have more or less but I try real hard to keep my eyes on my plate and focus on my reality and myself. I’m more than happy to keep this conversation going, because this topic is a reoccurring theme in my life also and I’m fighting it too.

Thank you all for responses and sorry for the late reply. It’s reassuring to know others go through this. I’m doing a little better. Trying to keep a better outlook on my situation, especially with my new job starting this week. I guess it really is the way you look at things and what could be done to improve.


Hey @Fullthrottle777,

I’m glad to know you’re feeling a bit better. Any moment of relief is welcomed.

The way you look at things is definitely something you have control on, whatever you’re going through. And even if sometimes it doesn’t really change the reality of your current struggles, it can always be that little spark you needed to keep going on. Also don’t forget that if sometimes you feel yourself sliding into discouragement, you’ll always have the possibility to come here.

You are strong! And I wish you the best for your new job. Let us know how things are going for you.

Until then, have a wonderful day. :heart: