Nothings going rite

Prom is next Saturday May 4th I don’t have a dress ,I don’t have shoes ,haven’t made a nail appointment or hair appointment. Graduation is May 23 I don’t have cap and gown or diploma case . I have $7.56 to my name here is what’s bothering me …cap and gown for the standard package is $60…the dress I want for prom is $160 …I haven’t looked at shoes yet but for my shoe size I’ll say at the least a pair of heels would be $30 …hair nails etc at the least $80 …I live with my aunt she is a single parent I feel so bad for asking her to pay for all of this she says things like were gonna figure it out and stuff like me and your uncle gone get something together…but here’s the thing even tho I don’t live with my parents I HAVE PARENTS I asked my mom for money a while ago and she was acting like she would talk to my aunt about getting it to me …but my aunt says she never heard from her …I asked her to help pay for cap and gown she still hasn’t paid…I know my parents have money for sure to pay so why are they hesitant to pay for things it’s as if they think just because I don’t live with them anymore they no longer have to support me … and I understand it’s their money and they can do whatever with it but be honest if you have no intentions on paying for anything just say it …and I know this sounds selfish but I have this perfect idea of prom in my head and anything that’s not it will wake me very unhappy but at the same time it’s not my money I’m spending I feel bad for asking for money but at the same time I just want prom to be special…as many times as I’ve talked to my mom between now and when I asked her for money she could’ve said no she could send it already this is so stupid to me

Have you thought about going thrift store shopping for prom stuff? I know it doesn’t sound appealing but you can find some nice stuff there.