November, 28th, 2021

Last week I started on Noom. I figured since there is not much in my life I can control except for two things: My eating habits and how I feel about specific situations.

One week in and I’ve already lost 5lbs. Just by that, my mood has shifted from feelings of self-loathing to feelings of accomplishment. Losing 5lbs. may seem small in comparison to so many other things that are going on in my life; debt, work stress, family health, my own health, holiday stress; and yet, I still feel like I did something other than wallowing in all that muck. I am even walking taller.

What Did I Learn?
I learned that I should give in to processes. I was skeptical of Noom at first but after losing the 5lbs. I should just let it do its thing and give myself a little leeway when it comes to new things.

Next Week’s Goal:
Tackle my messy room. Work on losing more weight. Take a daily walk (if the weather permits it).


Well done for these amazing goals and accomplishments! I hope keeping track of them is going to be crutch for you as well.

Are you on the HS Discord server? Just asking because there are Action Groups there that are focused on reaching personal goals, and you might benefit from them if you need a bit of extra-accountability from others. Just a resource at your disposal that you can also use whenever you need. :heart:

Once again, congrats for these major steps! You got this.


Hey there @hufflepuffbruhv

I’m so glad you are finding something new and positive to accomplish, and winter is a great time to start. You should feel good about your first milestone, it’s probably the most important, just getting going! I think it’s wonderful to take that accomplishment and the positivity and allow it to drive you to continued further success.

Thank you for sharing and hopefully others can see this great example!


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hey Friend Firstly can I say I am super proud of you 5lb is actually an amazing loss in such a short time so that is brilliant well done, you should be pleased. It has given you a sense of what you are capable of and of course we all knew that already, you just had to see it and now you have. Please bare in mind that weight loss is not all down hill its lots of up and down along the way so please dont be hard on yourself if you dont lose as much everyweek, keep going, stay positive because it will come off if you keep doing what you are doing. Good luck and enjoy your productive week. Im super pleased for you. Much Love Lisa


From: twixremix (Discord)

hi hufflepuffbruhv! very happy to hear from you, especially with such wonderful news of progress! i am SO proud of all that you’ve accomplished and will continue to accomplish with future goals. everything you’ve done on noom was not an easy task but you did it with raw determination and drive to turn what could have been time spent in despair in the face of all your stress into a positive situation. i wish you the best of luck in managing the stresses of life that you mentioned. please know we got your back if you ever need to vent on that stuff - you are far from alone! you got this on your future goals and i hope you can take things step-by-step! proud of you always. love, twix


From: eloquentpetrichor (Discord)

Hello fellow Hufflepuff! Congratulations on losing weight and working towards your goals. It isn’t about the number of pounds lost it’s about the fact that you are doing something to be healthier. Eating healthier and exercising are always good regardless of if you actually lose weight. I hope you keep that in mind in case you start to lose less than you hope for. And remember that muscle weighs more than fat and as you exercise and gain muscle you may start to notice the actual amount to be less. And it fluctuates every day. So I just want to make sure you keep that in mind and you realise that exercising is a good habit to get into regardless of if you notice the number shrinking. You are still getting and being healthier. Please remember that and that even without knowing what you look like that you look beautiful just the way you are and that just from this post I can tell you are an amazing person who cares about yourself and I’m just a stranger who is proud of you for that. If the weather doesn’t permit you can always take a walk inside especially if you have some stairs. You can get in a good walk down a hallway. I’m glad you are able to focus on yourself rather than your many stressors. Good luck on next week’s goals and especially on that messy room! The bane of my existence, haha. Puff Pride!!! :hrtlegolove: :yellow_heart:


Hi @hufflepuffbruhv Its creative Encouragment week and I was thinking about your post and thought I would do a little picture for you as I was really proud of you. I hope you are doing ok and all is still going well. I hope this puts a little smile on your face. Much Love Lisa. xx


Aww, thanks so much!

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Congrats! I’m so proud of you. I’m on a weight loss journey myself and I know it is not easy at all. But you go this and I’m so excited to see where you go from here!

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