Numb.... again

i’m numb again… i didn’t miss this feeling… i don’t want to do anything but cry… but i can’t even cry anymore… there’s all gone… i just feel urges and like throwing up… and just a cold air surrounding me… i can’t even f’ing cry… i can’t even do that sh!t right


Hi Kelsey,
thank you for sharing and coming back.
feeling numb is always hard, this emptiness that is trying to eat us from the inside. there is often no why or a
because just the feeling that it is there right now.
can relate a lot to you. since i am in therapy and on medication this feeling is like a silent watcher to me. sometimes
he is there, sometimes he is gone. often, even when everything is heading in the right direction, or not, i feel
emptied out and numb. does not know what i should do next, where to go next. i ran out of meaning.
silence makes the loudest sound.
there are things that might help, that can help you.
is starts mostly with what we do. it is easier said then done, but to do something you love at that times, can give
you the first boost. i enjoy a walk, draw something or just grad a coffee and drink that outside, fresh air and just
breathing, writing down my thoughts.
then your thoughts will be a bit better and you start to feel better. give it a try maybe. sometimes it is hard to give
ourselves an own push out of that, but it is worth the effort. that you can do that, i am sure. i am proud of you and
thank you for reaching out here. :purple_heart:
guide yourself through that emptiness, look only at your next step, that is all what is needed right now.
you are music, while the music lasts.
you are to be held, not to be missed.
feel hugged, you matter most ! you are loved my friend :purple_heart:

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Hey @TheQuietKelsey
thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:
I know just too good how you feel. It happens to all of us one time or another. Just know that you are not alone.
Whenever I feel like this I try to do as much of the stuff I like to do the most, like go for a walk or make music. Eventually you will feel better and the numbness goes away.
Just hold on! Feel hugged and loved :purple_heart:

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Hi @TheQuietKelsey ,

It sounds like to me that you’re struggling, especially with symptoms of anxiety and apathy. With apathy, you do feel numb. You do feel like you can’t even cry anymore. I know how it feels to just feel like you’re “existing”, with nothing more than this black hole inside that keeps you conscious, but not in control.

Would you be safe with sharing with us what you think might be causing this for you? We’re here to listen and offer support, hun.

I will send out resources on coping mechanisms, in hopes that something here can help you in these times by yourself.

I encourage you to try to read through these, and make a list (either physically or in your head) of which of these may sound like good ideas to try out. Please keep us updated. <3

Take care, Kelsey.


From: ManekiNeko

hey quietkelsey, I’m so sorry that you’re left with this feeling of numbness, I know you lost some communities you were close in, has this been impacting or heightening these feelings? Sometimes those feelings get to a point of so overwhelming they just don’t know how to come out, and while it’s uncomfortable, it’s okay. Know that this community loves you and wants to support you.


Hi Friend, I’m sorry you’re feeling numb, it’s a horrible feeling. Is there something that triggered to to feel this way? I hope that your urges have passed and that you are feeling better. You matter! ~Mystrose

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From: Rohini_868

hi again, this sounds like a really uncomfortable and painful state right now. I hope you feel safe and comfortable here with us. We see you, as you are, and that’s more than enough. Sometimes when the mind gets loud and busy, would it help if you did something like yoga or taking a walk, playing a game, painting or drawing, or cooking?

We are here to sit beside you, in silence if you need, and you can say nothing or somethings. You matter, and you’re loved. Thank you for trusting us.

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From: Mamadien

TheQuietKelsey, It’s so hard to be in that place where you feel like you can’t doing anything right, you can’t feel anything right, you are dry inside and there’s nothing to feel. I’m so sorry that you are in the place friend. Know that you are always welcome here. Not just on the support wall but on the twitch streams and on discord. We see you and you matter here my friend, please know that. You are part of this community and you make a difference here. So if you need a shoulder - it’s here. Talk to us. You matter.

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Hi there Kelsey,
I am sorry you are going through such a rough patch. I can relate a bit to how you feel. When I’m completely overwhelmed my emotions shut down a bit, so I become numb until I recover a bit. My interpretation is that it is a way for the mind to protect itself, getting numb for a while to stop feeling pain for a bit. For me it always comes back though. There is no need to punish yourself for not being able to cry. I really hope you have some support, somebody to reach out to, somebody to talk to. Have you thought about reaching out to a professional? You shouldn’t suffer alone.
Take care of yourself, you are loved here. :hrtlegolove:

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