OCD thoughts 5/31/23 (TW Thoughts of abuse and SH)

During my workday, between 4pm to 8pm or even from 4pm to 11pm. My OCD thought run fucking wild, whatever it bandstuff, back pain, past relationships, I’m a poser or do suck at my job. My OCD thoughts never stop, they are worst when I’m slipping or clean bathroom. Because the job so mindless, that when my thoughts are wild. That when my evil thoughts, self harm thoughts and impulses thoughts come in. It also building where I was mental abuse as a kid.

I can’t escape them, they hold a very intense power over me. I have so anxiety being this building. It fucking sucks


I’m so sorry things have been very hard on you lately. These things can sometimes feel like they have a strong hold over us, but I want to encourage you to look at all the progress you have made and be so proud of yourself for that.

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