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Of all things

my cat just died. she was bleeding yesterday and we opted to not take her to the vet because of quarantine. (they were doing things differently and we thought we had to call in before) I came into the living room earlier tonight and she was quiet but then there were these deep and painful meows and I thought she just wasn’t feeling well so I whispered “ i’m sorry “ since i didn’t know what to do and i didn’t know that that was her actually dying and now i blame myself for not getting up to check on her because maybe i could’ve done something or at least been there for her in her last moments. for me, animal deaths hit harder than human deaths. i don’t know what to do. i’ve been crying for half and hour and it’s only getting worse. none of my friends are replying to me and i don’t know who to talk to. i know this seems small in comparison to literally everything but it just hurts a lot and the guilt is so bad… i’m a terrible person for not checking on her… we shouldn’t have waited either


Hey @justbunnys,

I’m so sorry to hear what happened… it is so hard to lose an animal, I feel that with all my heart. It doesn’t have to be compared with anyone else’s situation, friend. It’s important and absolutely normal to feel this pain. But you are not a terrible person for what happened. The overall circumstances are very difficult and it’s not easy to know what to do, as the informations/recommendations that we got change all the time. You are such a caring person. You felt her pain, but this is not your fault. You couldn’t know what would happen.

You are not alone, friend. :heart: I’m sending so much love to you right now.

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Oh my gosh, that’s so awful. I’m so sorry to hear that, bunnys. Hey, don’t down play the loss of something special to you. There may be a lot going on but that doesn’t take away the value of you losing something important to you. It’s not small.

I’m so sorry sweetheart. Just know this wasn’t your fault okay? I know it’s easy to guilt over stuff like this but it is ZERO your fault.