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I feel like I’ll never find someone to love me the way I love them. I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of always giving

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Hey @OfVirtue_Fans

It sounds like you may need to take a year or two break from being in the dating scene to break the cycle of always giving out your energy. I have fallen into that pattern before of trying to find someone to love me the way I love them, but it always ends up unequal levels.

The process of saying “no more” to someone is hard especially if it is to someone you love and care about a lot.

Do not give up hope friend.

Love yourself first for awhile then someone else will come into the picture.

Keep posting

Eric F


Hey friend,

I’m really sorry to hear that you feel like you’re not going to be loved as you do. It’s very beautiful to give to others, but it’s also very normal to need to feel that love as well. And I want to add: don’t let your fears change who you are. It is possible that you’ve been giving too much and now you see the difference between what you give and what you receive. It’s also possible that, somehow, you expect others to have the same standards as you do when it’s about loving and pouring out on someone. Not everyone love or give the same way though, and that is okay. Same for our needs: when it’s about love languages, we’re all different. What are your needs? And which steps could you take to learn to give this love and care to yourself, first and foremost?

You are worthy of love and care, and you won’t be stuck forever in those feelings. Keep hope in your heart friend. :hrtlegolove:

Yeah it can be brutal to feel like you’re pulling from yourself when it comes at a cost to you…like you’re scraping the inside of a pumpkin in order to offer something to someone else, and it feels like no one cares to come and give back so that you have anything to offer in the future. It is eroding to your heart/soul, and it causes so much bitterness in your relationships because you feel unseen, unimportant, like no one cares. It’s easy in that place to buy into those lies and believe this is the truth about you. And then to fear that it will never change, to lose hope in a better future, reciprocal relationships…tough spot, friend :\

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